New RA3 Unit Profile: The Tankbuster

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Today EA added a new profile for the Empire, the tankbuster; a dedicated anti-vehicle unit that melts everything made out of metal in a matter of seconds and is able to burrow itself into the ground for sneaky attacks, scouting, defense, or just simply retreating from enemy fire. here's a snip from it's unit background:

What's more, these extremely dangerous weapons are only half the package, as tankbusters also are fitted with special protective headgear with a unique purpose: Plasma beams from the brim of these wide-brimmed hats may shoot straight down to cut a man-sized hole in any surface, effectively letting tankbusters burrow underground on a whim and with but a twist of their torsos.

Read the rest with the neat little demo video here:

Also, I'd like to add that this week two more Empire unit profiles will be added.


On an unrelated note, I'd like to ask you to digg the Empire trailer here:

If it's just for Frank. Please. Thx. :)

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