New RA3 Unit Profile: The V4

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As it's Tacitus Thursdays (I reckon) a new unit profile has been released, this time the V4 rocket launcher. It's able to attack either buildings or infantry from a long range.


The moment the Soviet Union accidentally launched a man into outer space while experimenting with intercontinental ballistic missile technology, the nation became the de-facto world leader in rocket science. Even now Russia and her fellow republics hold this mantle with a firm grip, and continue to develop new ways of mass-producing various types of rockets for a variety of scientific and military purposes. While not all Soviet rocket science has proven to be successful or safe over the past three decades, one Vladivostok-based firm has repeatedly delivered rocket-propelled innovation after innovation. That firm, of course, is Vodnik Rocket Arsenal, best known for its feared V4 Rocket Launcher.

Follwo this link for the rest plus pics and a short video of the unit's abilities:

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