New RA3 Unit Profile: The War Bear

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Another new unit profile added by EA, this time around: The Soviet war bear. Now to the obligatory profile excerpt:

Though it is difficult to remember a time before trained bears fought alongside Soviet men and women for the glory of their Motherland, the war bear program was not without bumps in the road. Early attempts at training met with mixed results, as certain war bears--in spite of a lifetime of handling--would become unpredictably enraged during combat situations, turning their claws upon the closest conscript rather than on enemy combatants. A disturbingly high percentage of war bears also suffered from vagrancy, anemia, or other general unwillingness to perform at acceptable levels. While this directly benefited the Union's typically-grim food supply, it was disastrous to the public image of the Ministry of Experimental Science, which eventually recovered its good standing after the introduction of special training collars.

Linkage to the full unit profile:

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