New RA3 Unit Profile: Yuriko Omega

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...also know as "Anime school girl". The good news is, that she does not look very mangaish, rather quite down-toned. However, it's still a school uniform, even though it has some background. Anyways, here's the obligatory snippet:

What has been gleaned, however, is that she must be the rumored survivor of an intensive program conducted by Shiro Sanitarium, a private paramilitary R&D firm seeking alternatives to Japan's increasing dependence on high technology in its military affairs. That program must have been dehumanizing to the say the least, yet the results seem self-evident: Yuriko appears to have powers that can best be described as monstrous. Her mind has been "sharpened" to such an edge that it can cut through entire squads seemingly at her whim.

Gameplay video and zee rest here:

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