New RA3 Unit Profiles: The Hammer Tank+ Dreadnought

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While the community is anxiously and impatiently waiting for the new official site and forums to arrive (Some time next week), EA added two profiles to make up for it: First, the hammer tank. A rather fast, yet well armoured main tank that is able to assemble weapons from beaten enemies with its leech ability. Hamme...I mean snippet time:

Like many discoveries throughout the annals of scientific history, the invention of the TS1 "Tsarsky" Leech-Beam was purely accidental. Arkhangelsk scientists researching magnetic harpoon technology for the Apocalypse project were surprised to find that concentrating the tractor beam and increasing the frequency allowed the device to literally rip metal objects apart (a discovery which nearly caused the collapse of Building 19). The resulting weapon granted two significant boons to the already-impressive Hammer.

Me like! (Only less than a week to go. Only less... than a...)

See the full unit profile here.

Then, it's Dreadnought time baby (The smoke effects are mesmerizing-And it's powerful to boot):

Selecting the largest standard ship chassis in the Soviet Navy was the easiest decision of the process for Kondakov. No other vessel was capable of handling the mighty bulk of the Molot V4, much less scores of them. Even so, fitting the launch mechanism onto the ship was a herculean task. Taking into account the supply line of rockets stored below the mechanism, Kondakov and his team had to completely reconfigure every deck. In the end they managed to make the impossible a reality. Yet the sacrifices they made, such as reducing the crew's living quarters and eliminating an auxiliary latrine, earned the Dreadnought a few unfortunate nicknames among enlisted men. Nevertheless, Dreadnought officers are noted for being extremely proud of their service to the Union.

Full profile here.

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