New Red Alert 3 Screenshots!

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Published by Mr.Funsocks 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Are you tired of playing Red Alert 3 on those same two maps? Yeah... Me too...

In the past two days, EA has released ten new screenshots. The new screenshots show units in vastly different environments. Some in snow, some at night, ect. These are better than seeing the different units in the two boring Beta maps.

Here are Descriptions for the Ten New Screenshots (In Order)

  1. In this picture we see Soviet forces attacking a Japanese naval base. The most notable thing here is Japan's tanks floating above the water.
  2. Battleships on land, and it is snowing! I'm disappointed that there is not different unit models that have snow on them like in Ra2.
  3. Three Stingrays attacking econ with a somewhat balanced force. Hmm...
  4. In this screenshot, it looks like a Japanese raid on Soviet forces. A Mech is up against an Apoc tank.
  5. This one shows off different statues and buildings that Ra3 will have. Despite the Clown Engine (TM), I'm quite impressed with the buildings.
  6. An Allied attack on a Soviet base. A lot going on there.
  7. In this picture we see how navel units on land can change the tide of a battle. Quite an interesting concept.
  8. Here we see night effects. The lightning from the beams look great!
  9. A high resolution shot of a small naval battle. The telsa effects really stand out.
  10. This one looks to be a bigger naval battle of the previous one.

One thing is for sure, Red Alert 3 is going to have intense gameplay and shiny graphics.

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