New Unit Profile: The Twinblade

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EA released a new unit profile yesterday, this time the Soviet twinblade heli, which carries vehicles or infantry and shoots both machineguns and rockets. Here's a background snip:

This sturdy, well-armored mainline combat helicopter features swivel-mounted dual heavy-duty machineguns in addition to four rocket launchers slung under the wings. Further, its three-rotor design (two main rotors with one in the tail) gives this gunship unparalleled stability among similar aircraft. It bears mentioning that the Twinblade's machine guns, which pack more than enough punch to chew through an enemy squad in no time, are ill-suited against armored vehicles--though, of course, that's what the rockets are for. This is a deliberate trade-off to reduce the mass of the Twinblade, which helps make the gunship remarkably quick, yet muscular enough to transport a Tesla Trooper fire team or even a V4 rocket launcher to and from the front.

Read the rest here with the unit demonstration:

I'd also like to encourage you to visit CnC's official page and watch Command School's preview for a short look at the Empire of the rising sun!

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