New Uprising Unit Profile: Harbinger Gunship

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As Apoc promised, the Harbinger's profile has been added today, and it really does pack a punch. Here's a snip from its profile: [quote] Unlike other aircraft in the Allied arsenal, the Harbinger eschews a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) design and needs to continually orbit while trained on a target. This, together with the Harbinger's sheer size, also means it is incapable of landing at a standard Allied airbase. Fortunately, the Harbinger features FutureTech's proprietary self-diagnostics-and-repair system, which makes up for its inability to touch down for repairs while out in the field. Meanwhile, an elaborate array of sensors and communication equipment lets Harbinger crews keep a lock on terrestrial targets during flight. Also, to make up for the Collider Cannons' inability to strike precisely at a chosen destination, the Harbinger features a nose-mounted 25 mm chain gun linked to targeting systems that track the gunner's eye movements. These extremely accurate weapons can shred lightly-armored surface threats without causing significant damage to the environs. All of the Harbinger's weaponry is directed toward the ground, however. Enemy air superiority fighter squadrons could conceivably give it a hard time, though the Harbinger's armor has been shown to suffer barely a scratch from a Soviet MiG fighter's Matryoshka missile.[/quote] See the full unit profile complete with video [url=""]here.[/url] [b]On related news, the new BCPT is out an I'd recommend checking it out for a sneak-peek on the Yuriko campaign, a brief Klepacki interview and the Future Tank X1.[/b]
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