New Uprising Unit Profile: The Desolator

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Apoc added the profile of this Russian son-of-a-gun today, giving a sense of tragedy behind the unit some already call "Petrol station attendant" due to its dual hoses. Fortunately, they re-drew its horrid backpack giving a much more believable look to the unit. Here's a snip from its profile:

Little is known of the men inside the Desolator Troopers' armored suits. They themselves have no coherent memories of their past lives and seem content to fight. They require no rest and no food, although they live in their suits for only about a year or two, or until their life-support systems' batteries fizzle out. And so, given all the numerous unresolved reports of terminally-ill patients disappearing from triage centers in the Ministry's headquarters in Omsk, there is a distinct possibility that these "dead men walking" are exactly that. Whatever the Ministry has done to the Desolator Troopers, they have become extremely resilient both to their own poisons and all types of injury, such that even a single Desolator Trooper could viably stand against a well-trained Allied platoon and emerge a way.

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