New Uprising Unit Profile: The Reaper

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Apoc added the- most probably- coolest unit I've seen in any RTS so far, the Soviet Reaper. Not only does it fire quite effective volleys of grenades and rockets, no sir, it also crushes vehicles [i]by jumping on them[/i]. If this is not cool (And very reminiscent of Mario) then I'm in the wrong dimension. Hilariously, the power that renders this vehicle into a monster of epic pwnage is actually due to faulty hydraulics: [quote]This not only means the Reaper moves at a lower speed in comparison to the Sickle, it also means its legs are less than reliable. Much like its cousin, the Reaper is capable of leaping long distances due to the powerful, pressurized pistons in its legs. Unlike its cousin, however, the Reaper seems unable to execute a proper landing. In more than 99 percent of tests, new reports show, the Reaper winds up landing so hard from any attempt to jump that its legs snap off underneath it, and the Reaper's canopy winds up half-buried in the ground. Unlike Sickle gunners, who tend to take pleasure from leaping their vehicles to and fro, Reaper testers have reportedly grown fearful of having to use the vehicle's jump capability because of how painful the landings are.[/quote] Translation: If you use the jump ability once (Thanks Gamechaser), its legs will break and effectively turn it into a multipurpose turret. This is a god of a unit. See the full unit profile [url=""]here[/url]
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