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Just recently, the newly elected RA3 President Hasselhoff officially declared war on the POTD whiners.

While the war has lasted only hours, questions arise if the war is well founded and based on true intentions, and not just a show of power.

At the press conference, following the war declaration, the president explained that the war is not a war against all the users at CnC-files, but a war against the rising tendency that certain people just keep complaining of the POTD's put up, by users who actually try to give a contribution.

The president announced that ...

...it is OK even if people do not send in POTD's and complain, as long as they give some constructive critisism, I do not care.

He also pointed out that usually there has been a great deal of work behind all the submitted POTD's out there.

When asked about the fact that the war would also be affecting innocent people he simply answered that, that in any regular war there are civilian casualites, but in this there will be none, since non-leathal weapons will be used.

In a war that is faught with digital images, the worst thing that can happen is that someone prints a given POTD out at accidentially gets a paper-cut...

... Just who whines about a paper-cut?

I Have the top POTD poster, Darklegion, running this war, and he assures me that only images wich are not harmful, other than they are crap, to anyone, and my only purpose it to get people to recognize that only constructive criticism will get them anywhere.

Also I don't expect the war to last for more than 7 days, at wich time i think the dust will have settled.

Stay tuned for more war-news.

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