RA3 Beta End date.

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While most of you who play the RA3 Beta most likely already know this it is still worth mentioning, for thoose who don't read the readme's, because the news has really been out for a short while now.

The following statement is from the patch readme that is downloaded with RA3 Beta patch 1.6:

Note: The last day of the Red Alert 3 Public Beta will be Thursday September 25th. We will shut the servers down sometime after Midnight on the West Coast (USA). Thank you for participating in the beta, please check www.RedAlert3.com for news and information regarding Red Alert 3.

Really too bad for thoose who just recently recived their beta key, that they won't be able to enjoy the game more.

Personally i think this a rather short beta testing period, especially considering that the Co-Op campaign requires a very stable network/Sync, wich was a problem already in Generals.

Just hope they fixed it now.

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