RA3 Developer Blog 2: Balancing (Greg Black)

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EA posted a new dev blog up recently at the official site. Snippety snip:

Husbands, hide your wives! Mothers, hide your daughters! Refineries, hide your Ore Collectors! Greg Black is here dropping knowledge and making the ladies swoon in my first Red Alert 3 developer?s blog. Before we get into the fun stuff though, let's get the requisite introductions out of the way: I'm Greg "Platinum" Black, the Llad unit & balance designer on Red Alert 3. What does that mean exactly? Well basically if you?re playing the RA3 Beta right now, and you just got rushed by that OP unit, or had your army murdered by some stupid player power, I?m the guy to blame! More specifically, I am responsible for the design and tuning of most of the core game systems; all the stuff you guys are stress testing in our beta right now.

Read the rest of the insightful and humorous blog here:


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