RA3: Empire of the Rising Sun Revealed!

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Published by JohnWE 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


The last faction of RA3 has been revealed! Gamespot has the info on the Empire of the Rising Sun. They tell you about the build method:

In addition, the Rising Sun is the only faction in the game that isn't shackled with the traditional "build radius"--the requirement of building your structures close to your base. Instead, the faction builds moving cores--small, vulnerable, amphibious wheeled units that can be deployed as buildings (after a delay of several seconds) pretty much anywhere on the map you can move them to, though amphibious units may only cross between land and sea along flat beaches, not off of cliffs.

They also mention many other units including Yuriko Omega the telekinetic schoolgirl commando. Oh Boy, did I really say those three words in the same sentance? Yup. There is an entire video devoted to the Empire, so go check it out now.

Check out the entire article (and VIDEO) here

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