RA3 Unit Spotlight: Apollo Fighter

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Yet another Red Alert 3 unit has been revealed for you to enjoy: The Apollo Fighter.

This little VTOL unit is a specialized unit, focusing only on air combat. As a result, it takes only few to rip a Kirov to shreads in very few seconds.


Like other Allied aircraft, the Apollo features a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) engine configuration, which provides maximum stability and maneuverability. This also lets the Apollo operate effectively in urban environments as well as out in the open. The sight of this delta-wing jet hovering in place is almost uncanny at first, yet its triple thrust vectors somehow hold it aloft with near-perfect stability--all the better to let the Apollo bring its 20 mm "Sol" autocannon to bear on any enemy bogies. The Sol is a single-barrel weapon yet can spit out 500 rounds of armor-piercing ammunition per minute easily. Moreover, it is extremely accurate for such a weapon, partly due to the Apollo's own targeting systems and maneuverability. Once an Apollo has marked an enemy target, there is little the enemy can do to escape the Apollo's withering fire, especially because the Apollo can outpace virtually any other aircraft.

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