RA3: Uprising XFire Developer Chat Log

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A transcript of the RA3 Uprising Developer XFire Chat Logs.

[18:05] [18:05] [18:05] mattyjoeeala: Yuriko is a central fixture in Uprising. [18:05] mattyjoeeala: More so than other individual characters. [18:05] mattyjoeeala: But we still have three separate campaigns. [18:06] mattyjoeeala: I think the number of new units is also even on each faction. [18:06] [18:07] ar2033: m3ga0n3: Will there be new music in Uprising? [18:07] mattyjoeeala: EA Apoc (cncdevteam): TX1138 (tx1138): Will Ra3 Uprising use the same bloom-lighting effect as used in some maps in Ra3? So far the unit profile videos for Uprising seem to be bloom-less. [18:07] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): hey devs, remember to check our special question room to see which questions look cool to you to answer [18:07] mattyjoeeala: We used a number of the same lighting set-ups from RA3, so yes you will see that bloom on some maps. [18:08] ar2033: There will be new music in uprising for sure. You can expect a new menu theme, map music and mission music from the same team that brought you the RA3 base game music. [18:08] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "What did you guys find the idea to remake the chrono legionare from red alert 2 to the cryo legionarre?" [18:08] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): The Chrono Legionnaire was one of our team's favorite units from Red Alert 2 but it unfortunately didn't fit well into Red Alert 3's fiction. [18:08] spinelli666: I am Pete Larsen, C&C Live Team [18:09] mattyjoeeala: We also did a number of new looks, some much darker and less colorful than the maps of RA3 [18:09] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): In addition, we had to make some hard choices about how many units from Red Alert 2 we brought back and the Chrono Legionnaire didn't make it. [18:09] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): But we wanted to still give the Allies an awesome high-tech infantry unit. [18:09] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): And the Cryo Legionnaire seemed to be a great fit from a fiction and mechanic standpoint. [18:09] dseeholzer: Q: RTS on console is notorious for being hard to control. How is your new system for the PS3 going to work to revolutionise RTS with a controller rather than keyboard and mouse? A: It's more of an evolution than a revolution, and one that we are approaching from two directions at once. From one side, making the controller scheme as intuitive and self-documenting as possible. I think we have done a pretty good job of that. The other part is crafting the gameplay experience to play as much as possible to what you can do with the controller. I think RA3 takes a big step forward in the right direction with that. As far as the PS3 controller, I rather like it. The size and layout are great for my hands. [18:10] sgoldi09: Q: there gonna be a big pack of maps form the uprising and/or the ps3??? A: Their will be map packs for PS3 [18:10] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "Will the Co-Commanders be featured in Uprising outside of Com Challenge?" [18:10] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Yes, the co-commanders will be featured throughtout Uprising's campaign. [18:12] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "Do the Uprising missions have the same fun aspects to it like the bonus ant missions in RA1 or will be directed away from that?" [18:12] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Where is Greg Kasavin?! [18:12] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Many of the challenges in Commander's Challenge mode are specifically tailored toward that time of really fun, unique gameplay. [18:12] mattyjoeeala: [Xfire] on3nightstan (l3sstalkmor3rock): xenon560: What inspired you to make the Soviet Campaign dark and grim compared to the original RA3! [18:12] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): tell the man to stop doing his homework and get his butt in here [18:12] mattyjoeeala: Dark and grim in what sense? Visually? [18:13] [18:13] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): duh duh, Greg "Command School" Kasavin has arrived [18:13] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): i wont speak about his Street Fighter IV skills yesterday, but i will say he fought hard [18:13] kidzomb: Hey, sorry I'm late. [18:13] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): now back to the chat =) [18:13] ar2033: (suppeentlein): "Can the Crusher tank crush units und the water?" -- A: The Crusher Tank cannot crush submerged units. In fact it's countered pretty nicely by submarine units. If you catch one on water, the Yari's secondary can do some serious damage to it. [18:13] kidzomb: My Street Fighter IV skills are just fine, thank you very much. [18:14] sgoldi09: Q: KiF1rE (kifireledius): Will their be Mouse + keyboard support for the PS3 version? A: No keyboard, mouse support. We believe we have done a good job of making the game a great experience with a controller. [18:14] mattyjoeeala: [Xfire] on3nightstan (l3sstalkmor3rock): matty: xenon560: YE visually, it was in translyvania and just looked dark with dead trees, like tib wars [18:14] mattyjoeeala: Yes. This was a conscious choice. [18:14] mattyjoeeala: We wanted to go places visually which we didn't visit in RA3. [18:15] mattyjoeeala: As much as possible, my team is trying to give our audience something new in every game, every expansion, every map even. [18:15] mattyjoeeala: We did lots of very saturated maps in RA3. [18:15] mattyjoeeala: And that look returns in much of uprising. [18:15] mattyjoeeala: But we also wanted to do some new looks. [18:15] dseeholzer: Q: Are there plans to make it possible to submit or download maps from a centralized site for PC gamers, and creating a download center for PS3 gamers to browse? [18:15] mattyjoeeala: That's why we chose to do the spooky Romania map. [18:16] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "How exacly does Commander challenge work?" [18:16] ar2033: Q: "On the end by the Future Tech destruction, I saw a big Chronosphere something teleporthing. Might it be that it teleported the FutureTech Headquarters?" --- A: That's a good catch. The Futuretech Headquarters indeed telelports at the end of the Amsterdam mission...not sure where it went though.... [18:16] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): The player start at a world map with a single, easy challenge available and as they are completed, more and more are unlocked in a branching structure that get progressively harder. There are 50 challenges in total. [18:16] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): This one is good for Mr Seeholzer [18:16] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): jaferris (jaferris): Whats the differance between the PS3 ultimate release and the Xbox version [18:16] dseeholzer: A: Map packs will be available for PS3 via the PS Store [18:16] mattyjoeeala: It's in some ways reminiscent of the desaturated look we did in CC3. [18:16] sgoldi09: Q: WILL the ps3 version have Trophy support? such as, win this stage on hard to get this trophy, have a 20+ win streak in multiplayer to get that trophy etc A: Yes the PS3 version has trophies [18:17] mattyjoeeala: Hopefully players will enjoy the variety we're trying to provide. [18:17] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Hey Rao and Gavin, check this out [18:17] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): jlong888: are there new superweapons availbale for Uprising? [18:17] mattyjoeeala: EA Apoc (cncdevteam): (sonnan24): The Pacifier FAV looks a little different. How did you come up with the idea of that unit? [18:17] sgoldi09: Q: WILL PS3 HAV A KEYBOARD THAT WILL BE ABLE TO PLAY WITH RA3 AND WILL THE RESPONSE TIME WITH THE PS3 CONTROLLER EFFECT GAMEPLAY ? A: Sorry no keyboard, using the controller is a great experience [18:17] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): No, there are no new superweapons in Uprising although some of the new units such as the Giga Fortress exceed the superweapons in cost =) [18:17] mattyjoeeala: The idea was to establish a unique design vector for Futuretech. [18:17] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): O mean, this one has to be answered! TsuReddy (redball4567): Is Yuriko in some way related to RA2's Yuri? [18:18] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "Does the Empire have any new navy units?" [18:18] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Yes, the Giga Fortress is built from a tier 3 naval yard and in its primary mode is a naval unit. It can transform into a flying form though. [18:18] mattyjoeeala: It's intended to be influenced by the Allied faction but taken a step further into the future. [18:18] mattyjoeeala: What we arrived at is kind of a sci fi version of the Allied faction. [18:18] mattyjoeeala: Allies on steroids. [18:18] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Gavin, I think Commanders Challenge has some "RA1 Ant Farm" like fun to it, don't you? [18:18] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): bawsshooter (bawsshooter): Do the Uprising missions have the same fun aspects to it like the bonus ant missions in RA1 or will be directed away from that? [18:19] ar2033: There's a Commander's Challenge called "Shrink Zone". [18:19] ar2033: I don't think we need to say much more than that. [18:19] kidzomb: (ancientoverlord): Why do guys think that using a controller is a great experience? No console RTS will EVER compare to a PC RTS, so why bother? [18:19] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Absolutely, the Giant Bear mission was certailny inspired in part by the Giant Ant mission. [18:19] mattyjoeeala: [Xfire] on3nightstan (l3sstalkmor3rock): [16:18] NODSOLDIERGIRL (nodsoldiergirl): dureing the planning stages of uprising, where there other RA2 or even RA1 units you guys consider implementing but cut out? and if so why? [18:19] kidzomb: -- people said the same thing about first-person shooters not so long ago. We think RTS could be very successful on console. [18:19] mattyjoeeala: The mind-controlled squid has always been on the table, but never made the cut for various reasons. [18:20] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): And yes, the Shrink Zone mission makes all your units *smaller* instead of just making the ants bigger. [18:20] mattyjoeeala: I've always like the animal units myself. [18:20] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): The community wants to know this, I am sure of it...IcyPain (darkdoom92): Who came up with the idea of a floating head for EoTRS? [18:20] mattyjoeeala: For Uprising, we briefly considered a Mastodon unit. [18:20] sgoldi09: RTS is already VERY successful on console. [18:20] mattyjoeeala: You may recall that a frozen mastodon was recovered in Siberia not long ago. [18:20] ar2033: To follow up on what Gavin said on Shrink Zone. Tiny, coughing Soviet engineers are maybe the best thing in Uprising. [18:20] kidzomb: TidiusFF (tidiusff): How were you when you design the so crazy Giga Fortress? [18:21] mattyjoeeala: the idea was that the soviets cloned it, trained the offspring, and weaponized them. [18:21] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Hey Gavin, since Feasel wussyed out of this chat, I think you and Greg can assist on this one [18:21] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): As Amir also pointed out to me, the Japanese engineers sprinting on water when shrunk is also pretty amazing. [18:21] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): (blindone13): Was balancing units important in Uprising even though there is no multiplayer. If so how have you managed to make these EPIC Units, like the gunship and giga-fortress, balance out with the other factions? [18:21] mattyjoeeala: It never saw the light of day, but I always thought it was a fun idea, if a bit silly. Still not entirely implausible. [18:21] kidzomb: We were influenced by everything from Sinistar to Unicron to other giant, incredible transforming robots. We're really happy with how the Giga Fortress turned out. [18:22] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): We took the balancing for Uprising very seriously despite not having multiplayer. [18:22] kidzomb: Chralle (chralle0com): Will Allied have an epic unit like the giga fortress? [18:22] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): The units are all tuned to provide a great experience in the campaign, Commander's Challenge, and skirmish. [18:22] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Spire99 (spire99): Will the PS3 Dualshock 3: Wireless controller be able to "shake" when, lets say someone uses a superweapon? [18:22] mattyjoeeala: EA Apoc (cncdevteam): WNxAtlas (atlas231): How did the soviets remove Einstien from history, when it was Einstien that killed Hitler? [18:22] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): But if anything, we preferred to err on the side of making them a bit more powerful if needed [18:22] mattyjoeeala: Figuring out the rules of time travel will make you go insane. [18:22] sgoldi09: Yes the PS3 controller will SHAKE!!!! [18:22] kidzomb: First off, the Giga Fortress isn't an "epic unit" in the sense that you can build as many as you can afford. The Allies get the Harbinger Gunship, the Cryo Legionnaire, the FutureTank, and the Pacifier -- pound for pound, some of the toughest new units in the game. [18:22] ar2033: Yea, we've lost several designers trying to do that. [18:23] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Lost designers? =) [18:23] mattyjoeeala: [Xfire] on3nightstan (l3sstalkmor3rock): commanderrealwar (commanderrealwar): Without giving us too much information about the Futuretech Plot, at the end of the allied campaign, Dr. Zelinsky was helping the allies. One: Does (my favorite character) Dr. Zelinsky return? Two: Does he take a R&D job at Futuretech or does he return to the Soviet Union? [18:23] spinelli666: n!Toaster (toaster85): What can you tell us regarding the patch support in Uprising? Will it be more important to you than in RA3? [18:23] mattyjoeeala: Zelinsky doesn't return, but I love your story idea, and Peter Stormere was really fun to work with. [18:23] kidzomb: stephanovichthegreat: With the Pacifier FAV profile released today we know this unit is unlocked with the DB and tier 2 upgrade. My question is, don't you think it will take over the role of the athena cannon and to som degree also the Riptide ACV? [18:23] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Yo guys, FutureTech fans want to know...commanderrealwar (commanderrealwar): Without giving us too much information about the Futuretech Plot, at the end of the allied campaign, Dr. Zelinsky was helping the allies. One: Does (my favorite character) Dr. Zelinsky return? Two: Does he take a R&D job at Futuretech or does he return to the Soviet Union? One: Does (my favorite character) Dr. Zelinsky return? Two: Does he take a R&D job at Futuretech or does he return to the Soviet Union? [18:23] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "sllayer00: since Uprising is Singleplayer only is the AI improved than it is now on red alert 3?" [18:23] spinelli666: I hope we've demonstrated with Kane's Wrath and AR3 so far that game support is much more of a priority than it was in the past [18:24] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Yes, the AI has recieved a lot of attention in Uprising and is improved throughout the game, and especially in Commander's Challenge. [18:24] kidzomb: We don't think the Pacifier will put the Athena out of the job, though the Pacifier's a lot of fun to use. The Athena has defensive properties and is often more efficient against structures and certain units. [18:24] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): GO LIVE TEAM FTW! [18:24] dseeholzer: Q: Will the PS3 vertion be easier to play controller-wise compared to Xbox 360? If so, then why? [18:24] kidzomb: The Pacifier feels a lot different than the Athena Cannon. And as an anti-infantry unit, it's not nearly as cost-effective as the Riptide (and it's not a transport of course). [18:25] ar2033: To follow up on Gavin's AI response, some of the later Commander's Challenge missions have some truly devious AI tactics. A scenario called "Robots & Ninjas" featuring the terror drone and Shinobi features some really excellent AI work. So excellent that I almost strangled Gavin after playing it. [18:25] kidzomb: xenon560: What is the difference between the grinder tank and the Apoc (apart from the Apoc's Guns and the grinder being amphibious)? What would make someone buy a grinder tank when he can geta an Apoc which does the same thing but with GUNS too? [18:25] spinelli666: We now have the C&C Live TEam established, with three several patches and title updates under our belt [18:25] sgoldi09: Q: pureownage65: On the PS3 version, how much did the graphics improve from the PC version? A: We are on par with the hi-end PC settings, we have a lot of improvements over the 360 version [18:25] kidzomb: For one thing, the Grinder is cheaper and much faster than the Apoc. [18:25] kidzomb: For another, the Grinder is amphibious. [18:25] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): I'll take this one [18:25] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): TidiusFF (tidiusff): Will we be able to buy Uprising on Steam? [18:25] kidzomb: tx1138: Will our favourite Cyborg and his Dog return in Uprising? [18:25] dseeholzer: A: The controller usage is really the same between Xb0x360 and PS3. A lot of testing and noodling went into coming up with the current scheme. I think it's a little easier to manage the multiple functions on the PS3 controller just due to the size. [18:25] sgoldi09: Q: tes|Frosted (frostedstorm): will you incorporate any 6axis use into ra3 on ps? A: No six-axis [18:25] spinelli666: Support is seen as a whole for the C&C games and universes, not from game to game [18:25] kidzomb: No, though the Desolator Trooper may scratch that itch. [18:25] mattyjoeeala: EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Zaptagious (tesla7zap): How did you go about matching which actors you wanted to be in Uprising? And were all of the actors for Uprising your first picks? [18:25] kidzomb: ciao18 (c4chippy9): is it rising sun most powerful fatction in uprising? [18:26] mattyjoeeala: Casting for our games is similar to casting a movie. [18:26] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): We certainly interested in bringing Uprising to STEAM with Red Alert 3 being on there, but as of right now, we're just in talks, nothing final, no promises, but you can stay tuned for more on our website when we have further updates [18:26] spinelli666: But naturally more recent games will have a stronger focus than older ones [18:26] mattyjoeeala: We have various agents who we work with [18:26] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): I like this one [18:26] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Alias]Dwelf^ (dwelfkiller): Why is Greg Kasavin always late? [18:26] kidzomb: It's important to us for all of the factions to be equivalently balanced. That said, the biggest and most powerful new unit in Uprising belongs to the Empire of the Rising Sun. [18:26] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): even though it's not true =) [18:26] mattyjoeeala: We brainstorm in advance about who we'd like to see in particular roles [18:26] kidzomb: I'm almost never late to anything. [18:26] ar2033: Greg Kasavin is the most on-time dude you've ever met. [18:26] kidzomb: I'm programmed that way. [18:26] mattyjoeeala: Then we have actors come in and read for the parts. [18:27] kidzomb: I feel excruciating pain in my neural receptors when I'm late to something. [18:27] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Was Commander's Challenge kind of a way of saying "Hey, let's get a little crazy!"? [18:27] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): was it guys? =) [18:27] kidzomb: SpazZ M{[]}H CCCP (ttdingo): Will Frank Klepacki Still make the Epic Music for Uprising? [18:27] kidzomb: YES! [18:27] mattyjoeeala: Some of the more established actors like Malcom McDowell aren't required to read in advance. [18:27] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): HELL YEA FRANK! [18:27] kidzomb: Mr. Klepacki did some new combat tracks for Uprising. You'll hear new battle music from him. [18:27] mattyjoeeala: If you're fortunate, the actor will bring something to the role which you hadn't anticipated. [18:27] kidzomb: TRN (blacktrn): Do you think of selling "Red Alert 3 : Uprising as a special edition for the fans" ? Beceause I want buy it.I don't want download it, my internet speed isn't very fast. [18:27] sgoldi09: Q: willl Uprising come out on the PS3 version too? A: No plan for Uprising on PS3 at this moment. [18:28] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Someone knows our schemes [18:28] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): TsuReddy (redball4567): Was Commanders's Challenge based of C&C Generals : Zero Hour's General's Challenge? [18:28] kidzomb: We want to make Uprising available to as many people as possible, so if there's demand for a physical version we'll certainly try to deliver. [18:28] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): For whomever wants it [18:28] mattyjoeeala: We've been incredibly fortunate with our casting. [18:28] mattyjoeeala: Lots of great actors. [18:28] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Yes, Commander's Challenge was inspired by General's Challenge from Zero Hour. [18:28] kidzomb: lawlgivah: If the grinder is amphibious and CANNOT run over things in the ocean what's the point of making it amphibious? [18:28] mattyjoeeala: Gemma is gorgeous. [18:28] mattyjoeeala: I'd really love to see her take off in the US. [18:28] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): But we tried to expand on the General's Challenge experience in many ways. [18:29] kidzomb: It can hurt most things on water. It can be an effective anti-ship unit. [18:29] mattyjoeeala: Greg Ellis plays Giles. [18:29] kidzomb: The Grinder is a useful way for the Soviets to breach out into the water. [18:29] mattyjoeeala: He totally cracks me up. [18:29] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): There are many more missions, cinematics, unlocks, etc. [18:29] mattyjoeeala: Kind of like Eddie Izzard. [18:29] kidzomb: TRN (blacktrn): Can we upgrade our heroes during campaign or multiplayer? fx: new weapons,more HP etc.. [18:29] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Someone defend on our honor here: (steamingwilly): Can Red Alert 3 compete with STARCRAFT II?? I think it can!! [18:30] kidzomb: The Yuriko Omega campaign heavily features elements of upgrading the Yuriko character with new powers and abilities. [18:30] kidzomb: (steamingwilly): Can Red Alert 3 compete with STARCRAFT II?? I think it can!! [18:30] dseeholzer: Q: Will the DLC for the playstation 3 verison of Red Alert 3 include Uprising at some stage? and will there be PS3 exclusive DLC? A: We do not have anything set to announce yet, but I will just say that we are on PS3 to stay, and committed to doing lots of cool stuff for the platform. [18:30] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Well right now I think we're actually crushign Starcraft II in both sales and online activity ;) [18:30] kidzomb: Red Alert 3 is available in stores now(TM)!!! [18:30] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Exactly. [18:30] ar2033: "What's about the level desing in RA3 Uprising ?? Are missions realistic or made they more fun like some commanders-challenges ??" -- A: The level design for the campaigns is really varied and a lot of it is based around the new units. We'll have the same large variety of small, strike-group style sections and sprawling epic skirmishes. In general, the levels are more structured experiences than the Challenge, because they're telling a story. [18:30] kidzomb: firefly1717: is Yurico related to Yuri in some way? [18:30] ar2033: There are four shared letters. [18:31] kidzomb: Like Yuri, Yuriko can murder people with her mind, so she may be related to him in spirit... [18:31] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "Will the "RED ALERT" button be implemented outside of Comm Challenge?" [18:31] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): No, the Red Alert button is only in Commander's challenge. [18:31] kidzomb: [H]FarePak (farepak): Will the Tesla Tank unit be added in Uprising? [18:31] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): It is based on the persistent credits you earn throughout the mode, gaining more for faster and more efficient victories. [18:31] kidzomb: No, we haven't added the Tesla Tank as a standard faction unit. It'll have some cameo appearances in Uprising, though. [18:32] kidzomb: shiftingpolarity: Will we see a return of the MAGNETRON? [18:32] ar2033: bawsshooter (bawsshooter): Since Yuriko has come out of the dark from RA3, would the fans expect a sort of flash back s about her life after being captured by The EOTRS -- A: You can absolutely expect to know about Yuriko Omega before and after the events of RA3. [18:32] kidzomb: No, we didn't bring back the Magnetron. Yuriko has some powers that are sort of similar, though. [18:32] ar2033: In fact, we have missions that cover both time perioeds. [18:32] kidzomb: sllayer00: Will the shogun executioner be buildable on uprisings skirmish games? [18:32] kidzomb: Heck no! [18:32] kidzomb: TRN (blacktrn): Is Shogun executioner return? [18:32] kidzomb: ...Maybe? [18:33] kidzomb: YkudzA (ykudza): How you can explain Giant Bears which are bigger than tanks ! [18:33] kidzomb: Science!! [18:33] ar2033: Yeah dude [18:33] ar2033: Science. [18:33] kidzomb: TidiusFF (tidiusff): Will the campaigns be longer than RA3 campaigns? [18:33] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): I mean, are Giant Bears really the most ridiculous technology in the RA universe? [18:33] dseeholzer: Q: What will the unit encyclopedia on the PS3 involve? A: What is sometimes referred to as a unit encyclopedia is really a set of unit profiles that were done for the PC but never used on the X360. We have incorporated all of these via a special "Extras" feature. [18:33] kidzomb: No -- they're minicampaigns that will take about half the time of the RA3 campaigns (though there are four of them instead of three). [18:33] kidzomb: Chralle (chralle0com): Who made the Chronosphere? EINSTIEN IS DEAD! [18:34] kidzomb: Why, your good friends at FutureTech Corporation made the Chronosphere! Everyone knows that! [18:34] kidzomb: lirz (lirz): Will there be lan CO-OP for the campiagn? [18:34] kidzomb: No, there's no co-op play in Uprising. It's purely a single-player game. [18:34] kidzomb: TidiusFF (tidiusff): Will Uprising hide some Easter Eggs? [18:34] ar2033: To follow up on Greg K's campaign length answer: we spent more time making hard even more challenging on Uprising, so for those of you who like a really challenging exxperience you'll have that available. [18:35] sgoldi09: Q: asonzombolt: WIll the PS3 Version Be able to use mods and maps from the PC Verion? A: Their will be exclusive content for the PS3 version. [18:35] kidzomb: There are definitely some cool Easter Eggs in Uprising, especially for those skilled enough to get all the way through the Commander's Challenge. [18:35] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Ender, here ya go [18:35] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): *<|:-)lnchbx5 (lnchbx5): Will there be an entire new set of maps in RA3 uprising [18:35] kidzomb: TRN (blacktrn): can we train Sniper units in Uprising? [18:35] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Explain the "value" of Commanders Challenge with respect to that =) [18:35] kidzomb: Natasha is the closest thing to a sniper unit in Uprising. There isn't a new sniper unit. [18:35] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Yes, there are 30 brand new skirmish maps in Uprising. [18:35] kidzomb: Vince (biyabo): WILL THERE BE GIGANTIC DOGS!? [18:36] kidzomb: My good man, that would be completely absurd. [18:36] ar2033: But [18:36] ar2033: With science [18:36] ar2033: Anything is theoretically possible, right? [18:36] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Those maps are featured in 30 of the 50 Commander's Challenge missions and are all available in skirmish. [18:36] ar2033: Also, with the WB scale tool. [18:36] kidzomb: xenon560: Why did you only add 12 new units, Kanes Wrath a loads more [18:36] mattyjoeeala: [Xfire] on3nightstan (l3sstalkmor3rock): shasoelerium: How was working with Malcolm McDowell knowing he's a prominent figure in video games/sci-fi such as Wing Commander, Fallout 3 and such? [18:36] mattyjoeeala: Working with Malcolm was very cool. [18:37] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Matty...Slye_Fox (vulpinewolf): Relay question from friend (wasn't able to come: "how did their texture artists/modelers got their jobs? Did they get their job from insane networking, knowing friends of friends who are friends in high places, or got in through portfolio? it isn't because I want to get a job XD, this is research for school" [18:37] kidzomb: We wanted to add the highest number of very cool units we could make. We also think there can be too many units in an RTS and didn't want to blow out the lineup. [18:37] mattyjoeeala: He's a consummate pro. [18:37] mattyjoeeala: Nails it every take. [18:37] kidzomb: It was important to us to add new units that fit in well with what we already had./ [18:37] kidzomb: pyrogunz: Will the Empire's Shogun Battleship be nerfed and replaced with a more balanced Empire faction? [18:37] mattyjoeeala: He also really has a grasp on how his audience has changed and evoloved. [18:38] mattyjoeeala: He seems to appreciate how some fans no him from Clockwork Orange or Caligula or somewhere in time... [18:38] kidzomb: No, although the Empire of the Rising Sun is getting a new unit, the Giga Fortress, that makes the Shogun Battleship seem pretty puny by comparison. Probably not the answer you were hoping for, huh... [18:38] ar2033: [Red3.org]Echo (echo117): Which Uprising units were created in order to overcome current balance deficiencies? -- A: Some units that we really felt we wanted during development on RA3 were created to fit those roles. We always thought an Allied heavy infantry would be useful to the Allies. The Imperial Archer is also sort of an answer to an EoTRS early AA role.

[18:38] sgoldi09: Q: Do you think ps3 version of uprising will be played as competitively as the PC version? A: Currently their are no plans for Uprising for PS3 [18:38] mattyjoeeala: ...while others know him from WC, Heroes, and now Red Alert [18:38] mattyjoeeala: Very cool guy. [18:38] kidzomb: DoctaStrangelove (doctastrangelove1964): Yuriko is waaaaaay to strong against Air units. Will she be more balanced in the future? [18:38] kidzomb: Yuriko's balance hasn't been changed (outside of the Yuriko campaign), though each faction now has new ways of dealing with her. [18:39] kidzomb: [H]FarePak (farepak): Will there be any beta test for Uprising and would we be able to use our beta keys? [18:39] kidzomb: There's no beta for Uprising primarily because it's purely a single-player experience. [18:39] mattyjoeeala: EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Matty...Slye_Fox (vulpinewolf): Relay question from friend (wasn't able to come: "how did their texture artists/modelers got their jobs? Did they get their job from insane networking, knowing friends of friends who are friends in high places, or got in through portfolio? it isn't because I want to get a job XD, this is research for school" [18:39] kidzomb: pureownage65: Were there any units removed from the original Red ALert 3? [18:39] mattyjoeeala: the portfolio is everything [18:40] kidzomb: No, all of the base game units are back. A few campaign-specific units won't be coming back, though. [18:40] mattyjoeeala: It's all about showing your work to as many people as possible as often as possible. [18:40] kidzomb: pyrogunz: Will Uprising be playable in multiplayer mode? [18:40] mattyjoeeala: Don't wait for an interview. [18:40] mattyjoeeala: Don't send samples which you need returned. [18:40] mattyjoeeala: Don't send only digital media. [18:40] dseeholzer: Q: Spire99 (spire99): Will you be able to pherhaps transfer game data from a computer, and over to the PS3 using a memory stick - and the other way- (e.g. your progress in Singleplayer) on the RA3 edition to the PS3? A: Unfortunately there is not currently a way to do that. But hmmm..., it's an interesting idea. [18:40] mattyjoeeala: Send prints of your work and update repeatedly. [18:40] sgoldi09: Q: barnsey313: How precise/fluid are the PS3 controls? A: We have spent a lot of time tuning the controls to be very responsive and accurate. We want the user to have the best experience they can with a controller. [18:40] kidzomb: No, Uprising has no multiplayer component. It's purely a single-player experience. [18:40] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Matt, thanks for hiring me as Community Manager, I know you loved my stick figure drawings! [18:40] ar2033: EA Apoc (cncdevteam): [H]FarePak (farepak): Will the desolator instant kill infantry units? -- A: His deathspray hoses are instant death to infantry. [18:40] kidzomb: xenon560: PLZ ANSWER, WHY WOULD YOU BUY GRINDER TANKS IF THE APOC IS THE SAME BUT ALSO WITH BIG GUNS? [18:41] mattyjoeeala: Your work has to be in the mind of the person doing the hiring right when they're pulling the trigger on a new hire. [18:41] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "Dr. Nick (gdiguy99): Did the team continue to draw inspirations from Red Alert 2 while developing Uprising? Why did you decide to do this?" [18:41] kidzomb: The Grinder is cheaper and faster than the Apoc, and can go on water. It feels quite different than the Apoc and is better in some situations (and worse in others). [18:41] kidzomb: shiftingpolarity: Why are there no missions where you fight dolphins in space? [18:41] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Our designers are huge RA2 fans so yes we always look back to that game along with our other favorites for inspiration. [18:41] kidzomb: ... I don't have a good answer to that actually. [18:41] mattyjoeeala: Dr. Nick - RA3 and Uprising very consciously are born out of the previous Red Alert titles. [18:42] kidzomb: [SdL]Standard` (steamingwilly): How many people worked on Red Alert 3? [18:42] mattyjoeeala: While we try to go to some new places artistically, it's very important to us to be true to that history. [18:42] kidzomb: The team peaked at around 90 people though the core team was closer to 70. [18:42] dseeholzer: Q: Will you be Able to Connect with Red Alert 3 PLayers from the PlayStation 3? from your Computer? A: No, there are too many differences in the way the simulation works between platforms for MP to work between different systems. [18:42] kidzomb: SpazZ M{[]}H CCCP (ttdingo): Will ther be any NEW Super Wapons in Uprising for Each Faction? [18:42] mattyjoeeala: We definitely want to make the visuals in our Red Alert games look like logical extenstions of what came before. [18:43] kidzomb: No, we haven't added new superweapons to each faction. Though... the campaign will have some surprises, and new units like the Giga Fortress could practically be considered superweapons. [18:43] sgoldi09: Q: ethalbizzell: what 3d engines did you use for the ps3 edition and how did this affevt the game as some engines are made for mac A: We used an engine that we built ourselves, built to get the most out of the PS3 horse power, you will be happy with what we have been able to do. [18:43] ar2033: I didn't realize we forgot to ship the dolphins in space missions. That seems like an oversight. [18:43] kidzomb: xenon560: What is the reaper's role, just AA or is it Anti-Amrour too and is it any good vs infantry? [18:43] kidzomb: The Reaper is a good crowd-control unit against groups of infantry and light vehicles. It's also quite good against aircraft. It's like a beefier Sickle. [18:43] kidzomb: DoctaStrangelove (doctastrangelove1964): Is the Mortar Cycle and infantry unit or a vehicle? [18:44] kidzomb: It's a vehicle, but it comes out of the Barracks! Crazy, huh? [18:44] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "Ticky (phr8y): What will be the average length of each campaign?" [18:44] ar2033: It has a pre-req of the warfactory though, because you've got get the cycles from place. [18:44] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Each campaign is several hours in length. Completing the entirety of Commander's Challenge will likely take most players over 30 hours. [18:44] kidzomb: mohawkny115: What is the story on the purpose of the allied future tank X-1? [18:44] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Here is a good one guys, maybe for Gavin [18:44] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Will new units ever be added to fill niche roles that are trouble spots for a faction, rather than just rebalancing everything algotether? [18:44] kidzomb: Stay tuned for that! Basically it's FutureTech Corporation's answer to some of the heavy armor other factions brought to bear in the war. [18:45] kidzomb: TRN (blacktrn): can we kill enemy vehicle's crew with flamethrowers then capture these vehicles? [18:45] kidzomb: Natasha can pilot-snipe enemy vehicles, and then you can steal them. [18:45] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): We always look at all our options when considering how to fill holes in the combat chain for a faction. [18:45] kidzomb: Brotherhood619 (brotherhood619): Are Developers going to record times for commanders challeges? [18:45] mattyjoeeala: EA Apoc (cncdevteam): lirz (lirz): How did you came up with the cool design for the PACIFIER FAV? [18:45] kidzomb: The par times in the game are based on the developers' best times in many cases. [18:45] mattyjoeeala: It's Allied tech taken into the future using science! [18:45] kidzomb: magello: can the desolator clear garrisons like the toxin tractor? [18:45] kidzomb: He sure can. [18:45] kidzomb: brewskidafixer: can the giga fortress be pilot-snipe [18:46] kidzomb: In its naval form, it sure can. [18:46] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Solving a balance problem may be accomplished by rebalancing a single unit or many units. [18:46] kidzomb: stephanovichthegreat: why didn't you include a flamethrower trooper like the one in RA1 or the flame tower? [18:46] kidzomb: The Mortar Cycle's primary weapon is a molotov flurry attack. It's not a flamethrower but not far off. [18:46] kidzomb: xenon560: What is the weapon of the motor cycle. Also, is it fast and nimble and able to jump cliffs like in Generals? [18:46] sgoldi09: Q: TsuReddy (redball4567): Do you guys own all of the C&C games? A: Absolutely [18:47] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "TsuReddy (redball4567): Do you guys own all of the C&C games?" i certailny own all of them [18:47] kidzomb: As mentioned, the Mortar Cycle has a molatov attack as well as a mortar, which works like a light artillery piece. The unit's super fast, though it can't jump cliffs... [18:47] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "IcyPain (darkdoom92): Who set the par times for Commanders' Challenge?" [18:47] kidzomb: shasoelerium: Who exactly.. writes the backstories behind all the units on the RA3 site? [18:47] ar2033: All of the support powers from the RA3 base game will return in the faction campaigns in uprising. There are not any new ones. [18:47] kidzomb: I'm responsible for most of them. [18:47] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Any developer that was able to beat it the fastest, that often being myself. [18:47] kidzomb: lawlgivah: Will the archer maidens be cheap to buy and can you buy them early game or do you have to upgrade tiers what tier would it be 2nd or 3rd? [18:47] kidzomb: The Archer Maiden is a first-tier infantry unit. She costs more than a Tankbuster (500 credits). [18:48] kidzomb: magello: How powerful exactly is the Giga Fortress? [18:48] kidzomb: Hella. [18:48] kidzomb: buckyalt: does the empire get a animal? [18:48] kidzomb: The Burst Drone resents that question. [18:48] ar2033: Q: Will Uprising have in-base missions like Red Alert 1 had? -- A: The Yuriko Campaign features interior environments. [18:48] kidzomb: DoctaStrangelove (doctastrangelove1964): are the Harbinger's miniguns able to attack Air or are they only for pounding infantry and light vehicles? [18:48] kidzomb: The Harbinger's chain gun only attacks ground targets. The Harbinger can't attack air at all. [18:48] kidzomb: [H]FarePak (farepak): How comparable is the Giga Fortress to an Apoc tank? [18:49] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "baghead CAJOS (cajmanicx): Will the times from the commanders challenge have an online league table so as to compete with others around the world for the fastest times on each level? If so, will there be awards available to commend the success of becoming first?" [18:49] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): The game will track record completion times for each challenge as well as the sum of all completion times. We fully expect players to compare these scores with each other on the inter-tubes. However, there is unfortunately no UI for this built in-game. [18:49] kidzomb: Not very comparable at all. It's far more powerful and more expensive. [18:49] kidzomb: Vince (biyabo): With gigantic bears, can we have gigantic soviet engineers? [18:49] kidzomb: ... um... you can zoom in...? [18:49] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): A UI of leaderboards that is, the UI certainly displays each completion time. [18:49] kidzomb: Chip the Wandering Wolf (thewonderingwolf): Can you give us any details on what the secondary ability of the Harbinger gunship is? [18:49] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): There are kid zombies all over this room [18:49] ar2033: We have tiny Soviet Engineers in Shrink Zone. I don't think we can stress that enough. [18:50] sgoldi09: Q: maocide: Is the game developed using c++? Which ide did use use? Which language has best performance? A: Yes we use C++, we use Visual Studio 2005. If you use C++ correctly you can get great performance [18:50] kidzomb: The Harbinger can switch between its Collider Cannons (for heavy bombardment) and a chain gun (for infantry and other fast targets). [18:50] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "konettaja: Will any of you EA devs buy SC2 when it comes out?" [18:50] kidzomb: Chralle (chralle0com): Will you be able to play lan with this expansion? [18:50] kidzomb: No, Uprising is a single-player-only game. [18:50] sgoldi09: konettaja: Will any of you EA devs buy SC2 when it comes out? [18:50] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): You can bet we'll abe all over SC2 the day it comes out. [18:50] sgoldi09: Im going to buy 2 [18:50] kidzomb: mohawkny115: Does Dimitri Diatchenko return in uprising as Oleg? [18:50] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): We're huge fans. [18:50] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): If i like the beta, I'll buy it =) [18:50] kidzomb: You better believe it. Oleg got a fat promotion after the events of RA3, too! [18:51] kidzomb: JeepRubi (jeeprubi): Will the skirmish maps in uprising make it into some free map packs for RA3? [18:51] kidzomb: Yes. [18:51] mattyjoeeala: xenon560: Will the soviet campaign stay dark or will it lighten up nearer the end? Also were you sure fans would like the darkness or is this a risk your team decided to take [18:51] ar2033: stephanovichthegreat: is Moskin returning? he was cool [18:51] ar2033: Yes, he was. And yes, he is. [18:51] kidzomb: [H]FarePak (farepak): The Giga Fortress seems very hard to eliminate, what other unit is comparable to the Giga Fortress so other factions will be able to elimiate it? [18:51] mattyjoeeala: The Soviet campaign doesn't carry the darkness of the Romania map throught the campaign. [18:51] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): We will be patching in some maps from Uprising in to Red Alert 3, not all at once, but you can definitely expect to see some, especially in Ranked Play for the upcoming RA3 Ladder Season [18:52] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "redcommander35: is any of the empire of the rising sun commanders coming back " Yes, both Kenji and Shinzo return. [18:52] kidzomb: The Giga Fortress can only be destroyed using concentrated fire, or some other trickier means. It's very expensive so you should hopefully be able to afford enough forces to deal with them. [18:52] mattyjoeeala: Over the course of the RTS games our team has created, having a variety of different looks in maps has generally been well received. [18:52] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): I think everyone can speak to this one [18:52] kidzomb: mohawkny115: Was greg ellis character promoted? and does he feature more in the uprising campaign? [18:52] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): cncnikon: What was the hardest obstacle to overcome in the design of Uprising?

[18:52] mattyjoeeala: Also, doing a variety of looks makes my job more fun! [18:52] kidzomb: Commander Giles took on new responsibilities after the events of Red Alert 3, and you'll be seeing more of him in Uprising for sure. [18:52] kidzomb: tx1138: Can the Harbinger Gunship dock at the Airfield? Or is it an unbuildable unit? [18:52] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): hey guys, countdown warning, we have about 8 mins left [18:53] sgoldi09: Q: Darksolaris (solaris0): did you guys optimize the engine so it runs better on lower end machines? A: yes, the engine has been optimized for lower end machines. We want to make sure we let all users have a great experience [18:53] kidzomb: The Harbinger is too big to dock; it flies down out of the sky when you "build" it. [18:53] ar2033: Giles is also just as frustratingly annoying with the Allies' new air unit the Harbinger. [18:53] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "Heart The Demon Lord (belka1): Do will campaigns will be "longuer" than in RA3 ? Because i tought it was short, i used to play only solo and rarely multiplayer and the campaigne of RA3 was short for me" Commander's Challenge will take over 30 hours to beat not even counting trying to surpass all the par times. [18:53] kidzomb: -loaf- Gigabeef (r108): Are any units from Uprising going to go into the RA3 core game eventually? [18:53] kidzomb: No promises but the thought's crossed our minds. [18:53] kidzomb: Chralle (chralle0com): What will the second ability of the heavy sickle be? [18:53] kidzomb: The Reaper's special ability is the Proto Jump, which can be used to crush anything underneath. [18:54] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "Heart The Demon Lord (belka1): Do will campaigns will be "longuer" than in RA3 ? Because i tought it was short, i used to play only solo and rarely multiplayer and the campaigne of RA3 was short for me" Each of the 9 AI personalities will adapt to each of the 50 skirmish maps shipped with Uprising. [18:54] kidzomb: Unfortunately for the Reaper, its legs break as soon as it lands. So it turns into a fixed gun emplacement after jumping! [18:54] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Oops that was an answer to: "blindone13 (blindone13): How are the skirmish maps going to keep us playing RA3? Will the AI differ from map to map?" [18:54] kidzomb: ciao18 (c4chippy9): wht is soviet new unit in uprising? [18:54] kidzomb: The Soviets get the Mortar Cycle, Desolator Trooper, and Grinder. [18:54] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "9. Will the maximum number of players in skirmish be 6 like in the initial RA3 or will it be incresed to 8 ?" The maximum number of skirmish players is still 6. [18:54] kidzomb: baghead CAJOS (cajmanicx): What was the most exciting unit to design in RA3 Uprising? [18:55] ar2033: stephanovichthegreat: what are your favourite new units? [18:55] mattyjoeeala: EA Apoc (cncdevteam): stephanovichthegreat: what are your favourite new units? [18:55] mattyjoeeala: I like the Mortar Cycle for it's comic animations. [18:55] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Everyone answer the new units questions [18:55] kidzomb: I know we harp on the Giga Fortress a lot but that unit turned out really cool. Personally I'm really happy with how the new units turned out. [18:56] kidzomb: lawlgivah: What is the Steel Ronin, what are it's abilities? [18:56] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "Chralle (chralle0com): What is the grinders second ability?" It is a turbo-speed boost that makes it faster both in movement and in its damage rate. [18:56] mattyjoeeala: I like the Giga Fort because it's a giant flying robot head which transforms into a boat. [18:56] <[Xfire] Artaxs (artaxs) is now a member of group Admin> [18:56] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): However, it's harder to steer at high speeds. [18:56] sgoldi09: Giga Fort [18:56] sgoldi09: ROCKS!!!! [18:56] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): I'm a big fan of the Mortar Cycle, its tiny, insanely fast, wicked at bombing around guys, and its got a very cool old-style WW2 look to it [18:56] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Giga Fart [18:56] ar2033: Mine is the Harbinger gunship for the allies. He's a superstar in the campaign and really allows you to create a mobile, less reload-dependent air Armada with some cryocopters and the occasional Apollo fighter sortie. [18:56] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): sorry =) [18:56] kidzomb: The Steel Ronin is a fast-moving melee robot armed with an energy spear. It can take on tanks, no problem. Its special ability is the Power Wave, which works a bit like the Sonic Emitter from C&C3. [18:56] kidzomb: xenon560: SORRY I NEED TO KNOW THIS: When I get uprising, a month later I will get a new PC, will I be able to install it again, or do I have to buy it again [18:57] kidzomb: You will be able to install it again. It's your game once you buy it. [18:57] kidzomb: sllayer00: Did the giant squid unit idea ever crossed your mind?!?! [18:57] mattyjoeeala: I still want the giant squid! [18:57] kidzomb: Barely a day goes by when I don't think about the giant squid, I'm afraid... [18:57] mattyjoeeala: Maybe someday... [18:57] kidzomb: stephanovichthegreat: was the mortar cycle inspired by WWII? [18:57] kidzomb: To some extent, yeah. It may not seem like it but a lot of the Soviet tech is influenced by WWII-era Soviet military. [18:58] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): I like this one [18:58] mattyjoeeala: More than the other factions, the Soviets have a strong WWII influenc in vehicle desigh. [18:58] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Was the ablilty to shrink the APOC tank a crack from the Dev team at APOC?? [18:58] kidzomb: Brotherhood619 (brotherhood619): Will there be any mind control in the future of RA? [18:58] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): c'mon guys, tell me the truth! [18:58] kidzomb: Have we mentioned Yuriko Omega has her own campaign? [18:58] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): i want to know! [18:58] kidzomb: [_13O_] Cellcote (rik1231993): Will there be any new Top secret protocols? [18:58] kidzomb: No, we didn't add any new ones. [18:58] ar2033: Someone asked who "invented" the VX. The unit design was fully Greg Black's (he wanted a unit that shot up on the ground, and shot down in the air). The unit character and voice is from the work of Greg Kasavin and the audio team. [18:58] kidzomb: -loaf- Gigabeef (r108): Would it ever be possible to play Uprising cross platform, from console to PC? Even if just for fun. [18:58] kidzomb: No, because Uprising is a single-player-only game. [18:59] kidzomb: maocide: are there any new actrors/actress in the cast? [18:59] mattyjoeeala: Lots of new cast [18:59] kidzomb: Yes, there's a mix of new and returning actors in the game. Some of the new ones include Malcolm McDowell and Ric Flair. [18:59] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): greg Black just said this to me "um i invented a lot of the units in the game, it was kind of my job (laugh laugh) [18:59] mattyjoeeala: Julia Ling [18:59] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): so devs [19:00] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): "SpazZ M{[]}H CCCP (ttdingo): Doess it REQUIRE you Have the Orginal Red Alert 3 Instaled to PLAY Uprising on youe PC?" [19:00] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): before we end this [19:00] mattyjoeeala: [Xfire] on3nightstan (l3sstalkmor3rock): Vince (biyabo): My girlfriend wants to know: Why are you guys so cool? :) [19:00] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): it is now 5PM [19:00] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): No, Uprising can be played without RA3 installed. [19:00] kidzomb: TRN (blacktrn): when king oni dies,will be a steel ronin drop from it? [19:00] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): i'd like everyone to talk about (1) thing they love about Uprising and think the fans will to [19:00] sgoldi09: Vince (biyabo): My girlfriend wants to know: Why are you guys so cool? :) [19:00] mattyjoeeala: Thanks everybody. Hope you enjoy UPRISING. We certainly enjoyed creating it. [19:00] kidzomb: No, they're two completely different units. The Steel Ronin isn't that much smaller than the King Oni. [19:00] sgoldi09: Just born that way :) [19:00] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): and to our PS3 friends, give us one last shout why the Ultimate Edition is going to rock! [19:01] ar2033: We actually programmed Greg that way. [19:01] kidzomb: [SdL]Standard` (steamingwilly): is Greg Black the best RA3 player from EA? [19:01] sgoldi09: We have take the time to make sure our first outing on the PS3 will ROCK!!! [19:02] dseeholzer: The Ultimate Edition has more cool stuff than any other version of RA3 anywhere -- including over an hour of extras videos [19:02] kidzomb: He's up there but he's not the best! [19:02] sgoldi09: Great frame rate, great game play, great graphics, what more can I say [19:02] kidzomb: pureownage65: why was the idea to bring back the chrono legionarre but change it into the cry legionarre [19:02] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Last questions guys [19:02] kidzomb: Alternate realities do strange things to some units. [19:02] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): then its PRIZE TIME! [19:02] ar2033: Vince (biyabo): What part of desiging the game was most fun? :) - A: I worked primarily on the Yuriko missions so I found that to be really fun. The small, focused levels were pretty different from doing the base game missions. [19:02] ar2033: Oops, sorry. [19:03] kidzomb: ciao18 (c4chippy9): is there a new muisc in uprising? [19:03] kidzomb: You bet! There's a lot of it and it's every bit as great as in the base game. [19:03] kidzomb: The new main title track is as good as the base game's in my opinion. [19:04] kidzomb: [_13O_] Cellcote (rik1231993): What is the exact reason you didn't put in a multiplayer in Uprising? It is because the new units are overpowered, or is there another reason? [19:04] kidzomb: It's a combination of reasons, chiefly that the experience we wanted to provide with this expansion happened to be single-player-only. [19:04] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Kidzombies are unstoppable [19:04] kidzomb: We wanted to focus on doing certain things as well as we possibly could. [19:04] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): the man is an answering machine [19:04] kidzomb: Chralle (chralle0com): Is there a new main theme in RA Upriseing? [19:04] kidzomb: You better believe it! [19:05] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): alright, one more question [19:05] kidzomb: TRN (blacktrn): when king oni dies,will be a steel ronin drop from it? [19:05] kidzomb: No, the Steel Ronin is a separate unit, and not that much smaller than the King Oni. [19:05] kidzomb: brewskidafixer: do u dev get to meet all the actors [19:05] kidzomb: Some of us do, others don't. Like me :( . [19:05] kidzomb: glenn305: IS THERE NEW UNITS FOR JAPAN' [19:05] kidzomb: YES [19:05] kidzomb: SpazZ M{[]}H CCCP (ttdingo): Will ther ba a HELL MARCH 4? [19:05] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Alrihgt guys, that's it! [19:05] kidzomb: Hopefully, but not in Uprising. [19:06] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Zomb, why dont you just tell them our 10year plan [19:06] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Hahaha [19:06] ar2033: TidiusFF (tidiusff): Was it fun to answer our questions? [19:06] kidzomb: They need to put me in charge, then I'll tell them our 10-year plan. [19:06] ar2033: Yes. [19:06] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): everyone knows our next RTS is all about Smurfs [19:06] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): and Gargamel = Kane [19:06] ar2033: It's been more fun however to keep answering questions while Apoc is trying to wrap it up. [19:06] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): haha [19:06] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Or just watching Kasavain do it [19:06] ar2033: Yeah that's better. [19:06] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): can't wait for next time [19:06] kidzomb: Thanks a lot for coming, guys. [19:07] ar2033: Yeah, this was fun :) [19:07] sgoldi09: Thanks everyone [19:07] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): Yep :) [19:07] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): thanks everyone for viewing our first live chat [19:07] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): as crazy as it was [19:07] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): i think it was pretty cool [19:07] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): time to go put Kidzomb's Command School up on our website [19:08] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): devs say your final g oodbyes [19:08] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): thats an order [19:08] kidzomb: Please tell my wife I love her. [19:08] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Ok Greg, I will do that tonight over dinner [19:08] EALA Ender (guns1ingr): ^ You think he's joking [19:08] kidzomb: oh damn [19:08] ar2033: hahahaha [19:09] ar2033: Yeah, thanks everyone! [19:09] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Alright, well greg;s wife didn;t win Uprising [19:09] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): but the following 5 people did [19:09] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): pureownage65 [19:09] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): gdiguy99 [19:09] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Doctastrangelove [19:09] ar2033: I better win. [19:09] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): xenon560 [19:09] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): and...... [19:09] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): EA Amir!!! [19:09] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): just kidding [19:09] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): brotherhood619 [19:09] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): if your name was just announced, send me an IM [19:10] dseeholzer: later folks! [19:10] kidzomb: Congrats to the winners! [19:10] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): and ladies and gentlement [19:10] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): i have one more contest for you [19:10] ar2033: Yeah, congratulations. [19:10] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): I'm giving away (2) Yuriko shirts [19:10] ar2033: ! [19:11] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): you want em? [19:11] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): well, all you have to do is go post a comment on my Twitter page, www.twitter.com/ea_apoc, comment on this chat and i'll pick one random winner in the next 60 mins [19:11] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): shameless Twitter promotion, mwhaahahahahah [19:13] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): that is all people, good day and goodnight, thanks for joining us! [19:19] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): Hey guys, if the link 404'd, try this =) [19:19] EA Apoc (cncdevteam): http://twitter.com/EA_APOC

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