RA3 with SecuROM, Limited 5 Clean installs and No disk required.

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Now this item was submitted by a user earlier but deleted by me because of several lacks of information in the news item submitted. To make up for it I will now post the item with all the information.

Basically the news goes like this: EA will, much like in Spore, continue to use SecuROM to try and limit the amount of piracy going on out there.

SecuROM is a tech that was originally intented to prevent copy's being taken of original software, but has since then been massively critized because it also sometimes creates problems by conflicting with other software. It was also used on Spore, wich ultimatly resulted in a 1 star customer rewiev on amazon.com within a few days.

5 Times limited install, It is going to work like this: First time you install your copy of Red Alert 3, you will be asked to register your key online. You can then choose to wait or do it right away. If you choose not to the installation will progress as usual, you must however register before you can play, to tie it to your EA account (wich means that if you don't have one you will need to get one).

Now here's where most people get upset and start complaining: You can only make a clean install 5 times before the game's key is disabled. But don't worry: This only applies if you, for example, manually delete the game, have a computer crash, or a major loss of data resulting in the game no longer working. As long as you use the in-system install and uninstall system while connected to the internet it won't take from the clean installs, meaning that if you are connected to the internet, you can install and uninstall 10, 50, or 1.000.000 times without loosing any of the 4 remaining clean installs (since the first has already been used). So this will actually only affect people who reinstall their entire OS often (like me :S ).

Now. EA is aware that some people often have complete system crashes resulting in them using up their clean installs quite fast. In that case the Player can contact EA who will then decide from case to case to grant another activation. So no sweat there.

Now here comes the cool part... Somthing i have personally been looking forward to in YEARS: EA is dropping the "Please insert DVD Labled Red Alert 3, press Ok and restart application" thingie. Yes. You read right: No more DVD required.

So don't freak out if you hear about a limited number of reinstalls. Cause there is no problem if you stay connected to the internet.

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