Red Alert 3 Multiplayer Beta Coming Soon

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Published by Mr.Funsocks 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


For all of the people who got a beta key and submitted it to EA, then the following will almost be old news already:


The Red Alert 3 Multiplayer Beta Test is set to launch publicly very soon. When we activate your registration, you will be sent an e-mail with your Red Alert 3 Beta Test key and instructions on downloading and installing the beta. As previously mentioned on our website, we will activate registrations for the beta test based on the date & time in which you registered on our beta test website with the serial key from the insert contained in your copy of Kane’s Wrath. We may also consider the country in which you reside as a component for when you will be activated in the queue as we are aiming to get global feedback in as much as possible for our beta test. If you registered for the beta test within the first couple of weeks, it is very likely you will be activated close to our first public launch. We will then continue to ramp up and activate registrations weekly, and potentially even multiple times a week. We will activate registrations primarily based around the status of our software. Certainly if we are experiencing any super critical issues, we will halt activations until they are resolved. It is our intent to start the beta test small, and make every effort to quickly ramp up to thousands of players in a matter of days and weeks throughout late-July and August.

We’re committed to collecting your technical/bug and balance feedback and improving Red Alert 3 before we ship later this year. If you are receiving this e-mail, you will absolutely be a part of the Red Alert 3 Multiplayer Beta Test. This is the first of many communications. We wanted to give you a general update that the Red Alert 3 Multiplayer Beta Test is slated to go officially public very soon.

You may have heard that we have actually already started an internal-only testing period this week called “EA Friends and Family†where we are using a few hundred people to work out any potential technical issues with connectivity and the state of the game. It is our intent to collect constructive feedback from you during the beta test; however, we’re spending a few days doing an internal-only trial run with friends and family of our development team, including all studios of EA. If you’ve heard rumors about our beta test launching today or even this week, they are referring to the process noted above. We have not activated any keys in the public queue yet however, so don’t worry…you’re not late to the party!

We have also opened up our official Red Alert 3 Beta Test forums where you will be encouraged to post your constructive feedback to help us improve the game. Since the beta test is starting to trickle out, we chose to open up this forum section early during our trial run. We will make sure to keep it updated with sticky threads and updates and certainly the moment we start to activate people in our public queue, you will hear about it on our boards and via e-mail communications (hopefully one of those e-mails will be your activation key if you registered early!)

Get ready to wage a crazy war with the Soviets, Allies, and the Empire of the Rising Sun, the Red Alert 3 Multiplayer Beta Test will be activated soon.

Comrades, stay hopeful, the battle begins soon!

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