Red Alert 3 Patch 1.07 Official Announcement

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Hot on the heels of the recent Holiday Patch 1.06 comes the next premier support update for Red Alert 3, and the first patch of what is set to be a fantastic 2009 for the C&C community. Our development team is hard at work on Patch 1.07 and is finally bringing one of the most requested community features to this game: 2v2 Team Automatch! You’ve asked for it, and now we’re delivering it. Tired of teaming up with a random player? In Patch 1.07 you’ll be able to battle your way up our 2v2 Ranked Ladder with any of your close comrade’s in ranked play. Upon the release of Patch 1.07, we will reset the 2v2 Ladder and clear the playing field for new team champions to arise!

While we’re very excited to bring the C&C community 2v2 Team Automatch to Red Alert 3, Patch 1.07 will also deliver a number of other exciting and critical updates to further improve your online experience. Here is an overview of what you can expect:

* Addressing a number of critical multiplayer exploits related to constructing wall hubs, the Chrono-Rift & Cryocopter, and selling your MCV

* Adding a small amount of multiplayer balance changes across all 3 factions. Designer Greg Black is already addressing your feedback from this thread!

* 2v2 Team AutoMatch (as mentioned above)

* Fixing Elo “range†functionality during automatch search so that you connect with players closer to your rank and Elo score

* Consolidating and renaming some of our game lobby’s to facilitate easier navigation for the game type you are looking for

* A number of technical fixes. We will post the complete list closer to release.

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