Red Alert 3 Q&A Batch 10

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1. Will engineers be able to capture fallen mechs? –evilconker

Sort of. Natasha has the ability to shoot the pilots out of most vehicles by using her secondary ability. Her steady hand can essentially kill the driver of the vehicle, while leaving the vehicle itself intact and ripe for the picking. Any nearby infantry soldier can then run over to the disabled vehicle and gain control of it.

2. What are the squares/blocks around the buildings when u build them? – lee999

That's a simple feedback system that we've improved from Red Alert 2 that's used to indicate the state of buildable areas under and around the building. White squares around the building indicate areas that are OK to place the structure onto. If a grid appears red, that means you won't be able to place that structure down on that grid (it might be impassable terrain, occupied by a pre-existing structure, etc). If the grids appear green underneath your structure, you'll be able to construct that structure.

3. Does the Dolphin have the same primary weapon as it did in RA2? – LoDoubt

Yes, the Dolphins in Red Alert 3 employ a very similar weapon as their cousins in Red Alert 2 -- amplified echolocation. As for the Dolphins' secondary ability, they're able to leap out of the water for a short period of time, in the process avoiding any torpedoes or other enemies that may be targetting them.

4. If an allied conyard packs up, does it carry its researched tech tier wherever it goes, or does it vanish when it redeploys? –dky

It depends. An Allied Conyard can pack up into an MCV and move around to a different location and still be able to grant production structures its researched Heightened and Max Clearance tiers, but only if those structures are within the build radius of that Conyard. If the MCV moves beyond this build radius, the production structures will lose those Clearance levels. Allied forces use a very powerful encryption method when transmitting those Clearance levels from the Conyard, but a noteably short range is a downside of that encryption technology.

5. Can allies use powers on each other? For example, using the Cryocopter shrink ray on your allies units, or using the iron curtain on your allies units. –chakakhan800

Absolutely. Units that are shrunken by the Cryocopter can get a significant speed boost, so you can do things like place an Engineer in a Riptide ACV and then shrink it, and then zip it across the map to capture neutral or enemy structures faster than would be otherwise possible.

6. Are we gonna see C& C3 style pics on the sidebar, or GENERALS/RA2 style pics? -uri

The unit and structure buttons on the sidebar in Red Alert 3 will be stylized to look like a graphic novel, so in that sense, they're closer to the look of the buttons in Commnand & Conquer 3 than those in Generals or Red Alert 2, which were more photorealistic.

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