Red Alert 3 Q&A Batch 11

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Does the mirage tanks ability cloak friendly units or does it disguise them as trees/cars/etc? Also, does it work while the mirage tank is moving? - theroflcopter

The Mirage Tank’s Gap Generator cloaks friendly units, essentially making them invisible to enemies. It does not disguise them as part of the surroundings. The Mirage Tank’s innate ability is to disguise itself into the background, but this only works when it’s stationary.

What units will you not be able to "bribe"? - havok2100x

Among other units, the Spy cannot use his bribe ability on aircraft, MCVs, and Imperial Cores.

Will T1 Defenses such as Flak Cannon, Defender-VX, Sentry Gun, Multigunner Turret, be placed on both Land and Water? How will I place infantry inside the multigunner turret on water? - irelox

Yes, you will be able to place all tier- 1 base defenses either on land or on water. You cannot place non-amphibious infantry into any Multigunner Turret that’s on water, however.

When deciding upon a third side for Red Alert 3, what factions were suggested? And why in the end was Empire of the Rising Sun chosen? -Unknown_fan

We went through a wide variety of candidates for the third faction, including everything from an all-oceanic faction based on the Red Alert 2 Giant Squid to a more traditional sub-faction system composed of armies from around the world, and everything in between. Ultimately, we decided on the Empire of the Rising Sun mostly because 1) creating a timeline wherein Japan rises to be a militaristic world power post-WWII fit within the fiction of Red Alert very nicely; and 2) of the team’s devotion to Japanese pop culture, and the amount of reference that can be pulled from anime, manga, and videogames that we all watch and play.

Do apoc tanks have anti air missiles? - RoMaNoV_007

No Apocalypse Tanks cannot target air units – they are strictly anti-ground. Most units in Red Alert 3 are extremely specialized, and excel in only one or two areas.

What can you get from crates in Red Alert 3? -zrooper

Among other things, crates will give affected units health and veterancy.

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