Red Alert 3 Q&A Batch 4

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Not overly spectacular answers this time around, but worth for some new info nonetheless. Read on!

1. What kind of tech buildings are there going to be? -mamga

There will be about a half dozen or so tech structures in the game that each grant various bonuses to the player that captures them. If you watched the recent 15-minute gameplay video we released recently, you probably noticed one of these structures, the Observation Post, which reveals the fog of war in a given area (that area is significantly smaller in the actual than it was in the demo).

2. Will all land units be amphibious now? -luigi1130113

Absolutely not. Most units in Red Alert 3 play a specific role, and are relegated to the ground, water, or air. Amphibious abilities are limited to a specific subset of units, and that number varies between the Allies, Soviets, and the Empire.

3. Will Chronosphere return? -nastyioncannon

Yes, the Chronosphere is making a return in Red Alert 3. Einstein’s removal from the current timeline by the Soviets has affected some of the Allies’ normal suite of technologies more than others. For mysterious reasons, the Chronosphere appears to have been largely unaffected.

4. Will the hotkeys such as "escort" and "formation" make their return in RA3? The escort feature in RA2 was very good and useful in the past. -tham007

Sort of. We’re bringing over the same formation preview functionality from C&C3 to Red Alert 3. If you issue a formation preview command to multiple units of varying speed in the game, they will all move to their destination at the same speed, effectively escorting each other.

5. Will most of the unit's secondary abilities be automatic (example: confessor upgrade in C&C3), or will most of them be manually selected (example: confessor cabal's grenade from Kane's Wrath). -jamesthegreat

Actually, every one of the secondary abilities have to be manually executed by the player. Every unit in Red Alert 3 has one of three different types of secondary abilities: instant abilities like the Allied Attack Dog’s bark, which fire off as soon as the ability is executed; toggleable abilities like the Soviet Conscript’s Molotov cocktail, which switch a unit between two different states; and targetable abilities like the Imperial MCV, which have to be “placed†somewhere on the map after executing.

6. Will the Mind Control Technology Make a Comeback? - benaham52

No, there isn’t any mind control technology like there was in Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge, but some Imperial units (and structures) have psionic abilities. It’s a somewhat subtle distinction, but the end result is definitely unique.

7. Will there be air to air dogfights in RA3? Up until now, all C&C games had very limited air fights, will air superiority/control play a more integral part to the game than past games? -afterstar

There will definitely be air-to-air battles, as every faction has an air superiority fighter. Right now, the fighters for all three factions hover in place when idle, so the “dogfights†are much more deliberate and the outcomes less random than they were in Generals or C&C3.

8. Will there be Fog of War from CNC3 or shroud from previous games? - Marzillius

Yes, fog of war plays (and vision range) play an important role in Red Alert 3, and there are numerous structures, player powers, and gameplay mechanics that affect both.

9. Can the Sickle shoot a single unit with more than one of its gun? -General community question

If you jump the Sickle into a group of foes (more than two to be safe) and some survive, all three guns should go off. It only fires two guns against a single target if you give it a right-click attack command though. It needs an enemy behind it.

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