Red Alert 3 Q&A Batch 5

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Fresh from the oven, enjoy:

1. Are Gap Generators in the game? -ravenchist

No, the Allies don’t have any Gap Generators in Red Alert 3. However, clever players will be able to use Chrono technology to temporarily hide their units and structures from prying eyes.

2. Will the allies have pillbox returned in RA 3? -izzyalert

No, the Allies don’t have a pillbox. Their primary base defense uses the same kind of technology as the IFV Multigunner, which allows players to customize that defense’s weapon by garrisoning it with different kinds of infantry.

3. Is there weather in the game? ex. rain and snow? -redalertfan

Some of the missions in Red Alert 3 have varying weather conditions, like rain and snow, yes. But if you’re asking if the Allies have a Weather Control Device anymore, then the answer is no.

4. Can ore node get entirely empty, or does it always regenerate? -pcjack125

As of now, Ore Nodes don’t regenerate, but neither do they completely run dry. An “empty†Ore Node will continue to produce a tiny trickle of resources for the player to collect, but it’s in their best interest to find and expand to the nearest full Node. As we continue to balance the game, however, we may change the behavior of empty Ore Nodes.

5. Will red alert 3 feature upgrades? -mikekunt32

Unit upgrades don’t play as prominent a role in Red Alert 3 as they did in Command & Conquer 3. Players will need to purchase upgrades for certain structures in order to progress through the tech tree, and all three factions can temporarily enhance the behavior of some of their units through certain Player Powers, but traditional upgrades aren’t as prevalent as in some of our previous games.

6. Where is the Tesla Tank? -Community

Contrary to some reports, the Tesla Tank is definitely in the game, and it’s one of our coolest looking units. It should be noted that it’s specifically a campaign-only unit, so players won’t be able to build it in skirmish or multiplayer matches. The Tesla Tank’s place in the tech tree is essentially taken up by the Hammer Tank. That, coupled with the fact that the Stingray is an amphibious unit, made the Tesla Tank largely redundant. That said, we’re including the model in the game, so modders can do as they please with it when Red Alert 3 releases later this year.

Personally, I love all these answers. Building upgrades? Already thinking about mods? Customizable defenses? Invisiblity through chronotech? Wheater effects? Teh awsomez!

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