Red Alert 3 Q&A Batch 6

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The newest QA update was released just now, continue readin below which questions get answered this time!

1. Will Apocalypse tank be able to crush smaller vehicles like guardians, bullfrogs..?

Yes, being one of the largest tanks on the battlefield, the Apocalypse Tank will certainly be able to crush smaller vehicles. It can do so by either running over them, or by utilizing its secondary ability, the magnetic harpoon, which pulls hapless victims towards its massive grinders.

2. Is there directional armor?

Yeah, we do have directional armor. Vehicles that take incoming fire from the side or the rear will absorb more damage than if they were hit from the front. Players will see a yellow burst of shrapnel on units that are taking side- or rear-damage as a visual indicator.

UPDATE: We're still figuring out whether or not we're going to keep directional armor in Red Alert 3. While it's currently working in the game, we may end up removing it altogether as we continue to apply balance changes.

3. Will there be silos?

No, there are no silos in Red Alert 3. All the ore that players harvest is instantly transferred into a lump sum of credits without any kind of cap.

4. Will maps contain fog like environments like some cnc3 maps?

Some of the maps in Red Alert 3 will have adverse weather conditions like rain and snow (see Q&A #5), but we don’t have any fog yet… other than the fog of war, of course.

5. Can walls be built on water?

No, as of now, walls can only be built on land. As with a lot of things that we discuss in these Q&As, however, this may change by the time we finish balancing the game.

6. Will classic C&C controls return as an option?

Yes, the classic left-mouse button interface is already in and working, though there are still a couple of issues that we’re working through. We’re hoping to have them ironed out by the time the game is done.

7. Will the Kirov airship have a secondary weapon together with its base-breaking gigabomb?

Sort of. In its default state, the Kirov drops standard high-explosive dumb bombs as its primary weapon. However, we’re debating giving most tier-3 units an upgraded primary weapon when they reach heroic status. For the Kirov, this weapon would be a Tesla bomb that can do multiple damage types upon impact. It’s still too early to tell whether or not we’ll implement this functionality, however. Oh, one other thing. When a Kirov is shot down, it becomes a weapon itself, dealing a devastating blow to anything that it crashes into.

8. Do infantry drop into prone position like old C&C games when underfire?

Yes, infantry still get suppressed when taking fire from an enemy. There’s a little bit of a debate on the team as to whether we’ll keep this mechanic in the final version of Red Alert 3, however.

9. When chronosphering amphibious units from, say, land to sea, will they just convert to their water version instantly or will they sink?

Amphibious units that are Chronosphered from land to water or vice versa will simply transform into their alternate versions and end up unharmed. Non- amphibious units, however, will perish when transported out of their element with a Chronosphere.

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