Red Alert 3 Q&A Batch 8

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Self explanatory, really :D

1. Are submarines going to be detectable like in Ra2? Or only when they fire? –aradiel34

Submersible units in Red Alert 3 like the Soviet Akula Sub are always “detectable†insofar as they’re not stealthed when underwater. However, they can only be attacked when they surface to fire, so as long as a player’ s subs aren’t actively attacking their targets, they’ll be impervious to attack from almost all weapon types, excluding torpedoes.

2. Will the iron curtain be returning? –RATZGobbler

Yes, the Soviet’s Iron Curtain does return as a Superweapon in Red Alert 3. Just like previous games, it’ll protect targeted structures for a short period of time with the unfortunate side effect of killing any unprotected infantry within the superweapon’s range.

3. Will Popular maps such as "Bay of Pigs" (BEST MAP EVER) or "Arctic Circle" be making a comeback or a re-vamp in RA3? – Bioamerican

Those two maps specifically won’ t be making a comeback in Red Alert 3. However, we are including at least two remakes of some of our favorite RA2 multiplayer maps, including Temple Prime, which is a remake of Tournament Map A, and Roundhouse Redux, which is a loose adaptation of Roundhouse Kick.

4. Will you be able to build off allies con yards like the old red alert 2 games? –hapkido112

Yes, players that are allied with each other in traditional multiplayer matches or Red Alert 3’s co-op campaign will be able to share each other’s build radii.

5. Is the Allied Particle Cannon similar to GDI's Ion Cannon? – prospector77

Their behaviors are a little different, but the end result, which involves a giant energy beam from the sky pulverizing enemy forces, is largely the same.

6. Do peacekeepers shields make them invincible against small arms? –Riflemen

Not quite. While the Peacekeeper does get a significant armor boost against small arms fire like the Conscript’s ADK-45, he doesn’t become completely invincible while in his secondary mode.

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