Red Alert 3 Q&A Batch 9

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1. In a screenshot the advanced power plant had the nuclear symbol on it. Does it mean there is nuclear tech in the game? -russiansushi

Good eye! No, it doesn't mean that there is nuclear tech in the game. The advanced power plant was one of the first structures that we modeled, and did so before we had settled the question of whether or not Red Alert 3 would have any nuclear technology or not. That symbol has since been removed.

2. Will there be an intel database as seen in C&C 3? -nicktaylor326

No, we're not doing an intel database for Red Alert 3.

3. Will the allies have a spy satellite? -romanov007

Sort of. One of the Allied player powers is a surveillance sweep that sends modified versions of the Sky Knight UCAV streaking across any area on the map, revealing the fog of war and any enemy activity that may lurk underneath. Since they're completely unarmed, Allied forces sought fit to send three of these recon drones per sortie in order to increase redundancy.

4. Will there maps without land like a map called "Pacific Ocean"? -gman201

No, all map campaign and skirmish/multiplayer maps have some land, just like all skirmish/multiplayer maps have some water.

5. Can the Japan structures pack back up into ?cores?? -community

No, just like the Soviet Sputnik and the Allied Prospector, once the Nano Cores have been deployed into their respective structures, they can't pack back up.

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