Red Alert 3: Rock, Paper, Sickle

By Mr.Funsocks 16 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Hello, and welcome to another one of Mr.Funsocks' rants! This new article discusses the gameplay issue of Red Alert 3; the necessity of having to have the right unit for the particular job. AA completely destroys air, terror drones can't be killed very well by tanks, ect. The list goes on and on. It's a good read for anyone that has played Red Alert 3. Here is a snippet: [quote]Unlike previous Red Alert games, it's not how many of one unit you build, it's what you build. In other Red Alert games, you could build 20 Mammoth Tanks and win the game easily; but here it's a whole new ballgame. Economy runs this. If you have more money than the other person, and build the "balanced" force, you will win. Other Red Alert games required more strategy. The opponent could have 100 tanks, but if you out micro-ed your opponent, you would win.[/quote] Please post your comments, but do not flame or be disrespectful. To view the new article, please click [url="http://commandandconquer.filefront.com/info/Ra3_Balance"]here[/url].

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