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Hey everyone,

I'd like to update you all on our latest developments and news over at

August 3rd Blog

We've just posted up our latest Development Blog on our forums which shows off various things including a WIP model of our new Allied Light Tank. We settled on the M24 Chaffee, even if the Icon shows a Bradley made for TD and all FMV cut scenes show various other tanks in poor detail. We are open to suggestions and critiques if anybody has any, seeming we are making this for the fans.

We have a few minor staff changes and more support for APB clans and guilds. A list of other new changes that will be featured in our next internal testing is included as well, so everyone has an idea of what to expect when we release our next version to the public.

Link to August 3rd blog:

Red Alert 3 Competition

Our major news this week (and up until August 17th) though is the announcement of a new Community Contest being held on our forums. Thanks to Electronic Arts, we will be holding a 10 question pop-quiz on the Red Alert Universe covering all it's games and expansions. The contest will be open to anyone as long as they have an account on our forums (to submit answers via PM and keep track of them) and an EA ID account (to award the prizes)

Winners of the competition will be awarded with a Red Alert 3 Beta Key. Please see our website/forums for all the details.

Competition topic:

We will be posting up the questions at the specified times as well as other news and more blogs from both Red Alert: A Path Beyond & Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising throughout the week as the competition is held.

Thanks for your time, if you have any extra questions don't hesitate to reply.

- Andrew 'drunkill' McLean Public Relations/Promotional Artist Red Alert: A Path Beyond

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