The Allied Aircraft Carrier Unit Profile

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EA added this new unit profile just now, revealing it's secondary ability (EMP missiles). Here's a snip of it's canonical background:

Today's aircraft carriers are of course dramatically different than the relatively bloated, cost-prohibitive floating-fortress-style aircraft carriers blueprinted but never successfully launched due to the lack of a sufficient power source to fuel their voyages. The speculative design of old-style carriers was eventually abandoned when a German-engineered breakthrough in unmanned combat air vehicles (UCAVs) proved to be the missing link in the carrier's design. Though still much larger than the average ship, Allied aircraft carriers forego the thousands of crew demanded by previous proposals for an elaborate network of automated drone manufacturing-and-launch bays, maintained and operated by a modestly-sized (and expertly-trained) crew. The result is another shining example of the Allies' commitment to efficient, specialized design and conservation of precious resources.

See the demo and read the rest of it's history here:

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