The Sky/Sea-Wing Unit Profile

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Seems like today was massive update day in LA, since the last two updates were topped by a unit profile, this time the Japanese anit-air/anti-ground transforming unit, the Sea/Sky-Wing. History snip!

The way in which the sea-wing transitions to the sky-wing, and back again, is almost bizarre, in that the vehicle simply turns end over end like a coin-flip. How sea-wing pilots are able to withstand this, in addition to the G-forces of subsonic rises and submerges, is anyone's guess, though the cockpit of the vehicle is believed to be suspended in a sort of gyroscopic mounting. At any rate, piloting such a craft must take incredible skill, especially since the sea-wing's slender form means it is relatively fragile and dependent on its mobility for protection. The Empire of the Rising Sun, having a considerably smaller population than its rival world powers, must be training only the best of the best to commandeer these unusual vessels.

Read on for further details and the media demo:

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