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Just some ideas that I came up with that might make C&C more fun. [quote] *[b]Tiberum Sun Style Tech Selection[/b] *[b]A higher max camera height.[/b] Please, it would really be nice. Larger the area of command the greater amount of conquering that can take place. *[b]Bring Back Taunts[/b] They made the game more fun. Also, make this toggle-able in game, you know... griefing potential. *[b]A Tribute System[/b] If I want to give my friends OR MY ENEMIES funds I should be able to. The reason why I want this applicable to my enemy is you know, bribe a hostile BACK STABBING ANNIHILATION. Just think of the fun. Example: Lets say there are four players on one map. Two players are in one alliance two are in another. Lets say Team 1 from alliance one asks Team 2 from alliance 2 to kill his ally in exchange for some funds. Team 2 from alliance 2 accepts and moves all his forces into Team 1 from alliance 2's base and then ends his alliance with him and destroys his entire base while his back was turned. Team 1 from alliance one gives team 2 from alliance 2 no money and both team 1 and team 2 from alliance one completely destroys team 2 from alliance two. *[b]Allied Power Grid Sharing[/b] Have a toggle in-game *[b]Unholy Alliance[/b] Bring back that mode in Red Alert 2 where you could start with all the MCVs *[b]Toggle- able EVA Voices[/b] Just have a bunch of people record EVA voice stuff and allow the player to select which voice they want prior to a game. *[b]Toggle-able Starting Units[/b] Just liked in Red Alert 2 *[b]Toggle- able Destroyable Ore Nodes[/b] I just think this would be fun, but only if they rebuild themselves after a certain amount of time if the husk wasn't being attacked or if an engineer got into it. BTW I want this default on, lol. *[b]Map Generator[/b] Bring back what Tiberium Sun had, the map generator where you could specify what you wanted and it would randomly create a symmetrical map. I think this would be perfect for tournaments and help make games less predictable and add thousands of levels of fun. Example: Be able to select how much of the map you want to be water from 0-100, Select how many ore nodes you want each player to start out with, select the amount of foliage you want to see or night day or dusk or maybe how rocky the terrain is. *[b]Re-implementation of the scale attribute within the coding.[/b] For example: In Zero Hour there was a value known as scale that I could modify for a unit in order to make this unit larger or smaller, here is a picture of an emperor tank that I gave a Scale=1.3 value to. (http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/27/files2/61106_7.jpg) In C&C3 I was no longer able to to this. *[b]Dynamic Interface[/b] Be able to remove certain parts of the interface but keep others. Example: Remove the Threat-o-meter but keep everything else. Remove the powers menu from the left side but keep everything else. Remove a combination of things.. etc. *[b]Dynamic Mapping[/b] Remember in Generals how if you blew up a dam it would flood parts of the map, well... Just like that! Example: Volcano that can be forcefully erupted by damaging it causing water parts of the map to become land that does damage to your units for a small amount of time until it cools. Have a hurricane map where it slowly floods the map. *[b]Toggle-able Graphical Hulk Longevity[/b] Be able to tell your game how many dead bodies can be on the map before they start disappearing, or perhaps change how long they stay on the map, or a combination of the two. *[b]Cheering[/b] Be able to make everyone on the map hear that your army is cheering and also be able to tell who is doing the cheering. *[b]Mod SDK[/b] I want to see this out within a month of the release of the game, heck if possible I'd like to see it now. *[b]Replay Options[/b] I would like to be able to view a replay of a game that includes what they are clicking on and what tabs they have opened at the time, I would also like to see this as a toggle-able option when selecting replays. *[b]When replays are saved they should have the player text and becons.[/b] *[b]Different Game Types[/b] I would like to see some. Just imagine Tower Defense with C&C stuff. *[b]In-game MP3 Player[/b] I want to be able to play the game's soundtrack kinda like in ra2. *[b]Toggle-able Time[/b] Be able to choose like night or day or something.. This will only effect the person who selects the time of day, to everyone else it could be different. *[b]Bigger Maps[/b] We really need bigger maps, personally. *[b]Special Powers that Damage UI temporarily[/b] Have Special powers that would disrupt their ability to give commands out during a battle. Example" Team 1 Uses Special Power "Jamming Field" on Team 2. Team 2's commander is only 50% successful in issuing commands to his units and screen goes black and white for 30 seconds. *[b]Rebates/Rewards Program For Units[/b] Example: If you buy a train 30 conscripts you get the equivalent of 10% of how much you paid for them all back after the 30th one is finished training. This can apply for any class of unit at some ratio. *[b]Undeplete-able Ore Nodes[/b] Ore Nodes should never run out of funds. Unless there is tiers to ore nodes in which cares only the final tiers would have this. *[b]Toggle-able Swear Filter[/b] Be able to choose whether or not you want to see censor stars when people cuss. *[b]Water Flow[/b] Create maps which have water moving in current. Example: A unit would move slower one way in water and faster the opposite way. *[b]Real-Time Judgment[/b] Have a formula that will use a number of different variables to determine who is winning a game every 10 seconds in a game and being able to check this by clicking the players button. Or perhaps have it on the mini map or something. *[b]Multiplayer Game Saving[/b] I want to be able, during an online match, ask whoever you are playing with, whether or not to save the game and begin it again later. If yes, both players (or how ever many) get a file which is the game they have played up to that point until the next time the play. When they want to play again one of them will host a server and choose the saved game and his opponent could join. I also see this as an opportunity for someone else to come in and join as that player and start from where he left of from. This would be nice in case of disconnection or unsyncage. This would be helpful for testing bugs or even just see what you could have done differently. *[b]Randomized Themeing for Main Menu[/b] I want there to be more than just the soviet theme for the main menu. I want one for each of the factions. (heck these themes could be unlocked). I also think they should change randomly or perhaps select them in options or something. It would be neat seeing a Japanese theme full of hot school girls around some palace. *[b]In game aesthetic rewards[/b] If you are in the top ten ladder be able to get a PIMPED OUT MCV with like rims and hydrolics and giant golden flags on all your Construction yards when facing non top ten opponents. This should be toggle able for these select players and remain with their account forever. *[b]Taunts[/b] I know I have said it before, but I really want to stress how much fun this would be. As long as their is a limit to the amount of taunts you could say in a minute or something. *[b]Ingame on screen audio toggles[/b] Be able to control who you hear and who hears you, on the fly. *[b]Offensive Flags[/b] If a player is being offensive/abusive in game or in a lobby we should be able to flag him. This would help moderated online play as well as tell players who should be avoided. These flags should vanish as time passes and also be cd key specific. *[b]Have EA Release the game on Steam[/b] Think about it, the steam friend's system would totally help make this game rock. Also think of the sales. *[b]Add a Timer[/b] during the Game This would be perfect for testing methods ingame to see what takes longer. Also would be nice for games where you ask your opponent not to rush in the first ten minutes. *[b]Complete time control[/b] Have a button on the screen that will allow you to send a game back in time and also forward. If you made a mistake and want to redo something you can, if you want to do this online the other players must agree. You could also use this to go forward in time online to have you economy boom. *[b]Real Time Random Mapping[/b] When you create a random map for the game you should be able to choose whether or not you want to use your actual environment to influence the map, I think having the ability to tell the game your zip code or coordinates and have it reference a weather station to determine the time of day and the weather of that area to create a random map would be cool. [/quote]

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