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Audio October Podcast

Here is EA's official October Podcast with "Predator" talking about C&C3 with Greg Black and Jason Bender! It covers the new building...


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Audio November Podcast

In this episode, "Predator" talks with XBox 360 senior producer Mike Glosecki and Lead Designer Jason Bender. Mike talks all about XBox...


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Audio CnC-Files Webcast 1

So us CnC-Files staff decided that it was time for us to make a webcast to rival that of Electronic Arts'! Mr. Funsocks and JohnWE combine...


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Audio C&C Inspired Music

Here are four music pieces I made from scratch with a midi program, ModPlugTracker. They are inspired by Frank Klepacki and his C&C music,...


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Audio CnC-Files Podcast 2

Here is the second podcast created by us CnC-Files staff people! Featuring Mr. Funsocks, JohnWE, and the top EA Developers! Try it, you'll...


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Audio February Podcast

EA's official February podcast! A whopping 50 minutes this time! Art Director Matt Britton discusses the process of creating and imagin...


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Audio CnC-Files Podcast 3

Returning for a third attempt at a decent source of information, it's the CnC-Files Podcast! This one was recorded over Skype increasing q...


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Audio Operation Rescue APOC

The fate of APOC rests in the hands of Commander Predator and his elite GDI covert-ops group. We are receiving live transmission feeds d...


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Audio CnC 3 April Podcast - Part 1

n his first podcast back since the Rescue Operation, official Command & Conquer Community Manager APOC returns back to the hot seat with an...


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Audio CnC 3 April Podcast - Part 2

This is Part 2 of the CnC 3 April Podcast, if you have not heard part one click here. If so download it now! This podcast lasts 46 minute...


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Audio C&C3 Main Menu Theme

The Command & Conquer 3 Theme from the Main Menu Thanks to Von Kriplespac for sending me this :D


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Audio C&C3 Rap Song

In an effort to bring something quite different to the C&C Community, here's a rap song about C&C3. Feel free to contact my agent, I'm av...


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Audio Hell March Remix

This is a new remix from the classic Hell March. Now, CnC_Fin gets his turn at it. This is will have He...


Audio CNC-Live Episode 1

This is the premier episode of CNC-Live. Warning: Contains Some Explicit Language CNC-Live is a completely independentl...


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Audio CNC-Live Episode 2

This is the second episode of CNC-Live. This week's guests: JohnWE, Pyccy, Joker, Ex1le, CommanderRW Note: No Swearing in this Episode...


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Audio Hell March 3

As the name says. Headphones or good speaker sets are recommended. Download now and listen to the epicness known as HM3.


Audio CNC-Live Episode 3

Episode 3 of CNC-Live! Guests throughout the Episode: Joker, JohnWE, Pyccy, themystic, D'rock, Alex06, and TheGunrun. In this episode...


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Audio Empire Main Theme (long)

Nothing extremely fancy. As the authour stated it is a mix of the Empire's audio tracks. Unfortunally the first thing I shut off when sta...


Audio CNC-Live Episode 4

Episode 4 Podcast Featuring a bunch of guys, enjoy!


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Audio CNC-Live Episode 4 Aftershow (NSFW)

What happens after the show is over ;)