Battle At Nod Base

This map is an East vs. West, 2 player, Red Zone, Chokepoint battle. There are 4 Tech Spikes which are all in contested areas, and one blue...


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This map is an East vs. West, 2 player, Red Zone, Chokepoint battle. There are 4 Tech Spikes which are all in contested areas, and one blue tiberium field to fight over. Civilian buildings litter the map, making the largest paths (and there are three of them) only a few tanks wide. The north path has the Blue Tiberium while the south has just two spikes and the middle is a Nod base. Civilian structures just stand there, allowing you to capture parts of Nod's tech including a Temple of Nod.

AI is supported.

Good: Well textured, it's a pretty map. Plenty, maybe too much tiberium.

Bad: There could be some sort of different textures under the buildings signifying that there used to be a town there. It should have the dappled light that is part of most red zones. One thing I absolutely hate is capturable civilian buildings and on top of that capturable civilian superweapons! It's not nice to start out a match only to find that your enemy has a superweapon already counting down.

Verdict: Get rid of the civilian Nod buildings and add the special Red Zone lighting and this would be a great map!

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by MrDavidoff
email - DavidKysela AT seznam DOT cz

I know no one reads this it at all, but thank you for downloading this map !

To install simply unzip the folder called "Battle_at_Nod_base_ver2" to this
directory (default instalation) :
C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Aplication Data\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Maps

About the file - its my first map using World Builder, so at the begining I was just 
testing the tools and learning.. somewhere on the way, i decided to make a full skirmish/multiplayer 
The first version had the Nod base controlled by AI, which was the main reason for having it there,
but after few game tests.. well it worked, but it wasnt that fun as I expected and 
caused really badass lags.. so i dumped this idea and started working on the map texture and redoned
it all over basicly..
so now about the map itself :

- its a two player map, for both skirmish and multiplayer games.

- as mentioned before theres one Nod base in the centre of the map, with Temple of Nod in it 
(I wanned to have a capturable S.Weapon at the beginning of the game.. )),
some factories, small airfield, power plants and two tib. pikes.

- four small cities/villages, depends on how you will call them, damaged by tiberium,
with 2 infrantry bunkers on each side of the map + two artillery guns in the "south" part
and one tiberium pike per each city/vil.part.

- there are 4 green tiberium fields, 2 at each players side, plus one blue tiberium
field in the upper center of the map (in general- theres plenty of tiberium in this map 
right now, I think maybe that too much and this might be adjusted in later version).

- about the terain, well, what to say - its rather plain, with some cliffs in the corners 
and some minor small elevations, theres enought built space for the players, each base is acesible by
three routes (as I tested the AI in game it used the shortest, centre, one, but also sent
lots of "decoy" armys from south and north).

- textures (i did my best for now, but since its my first map, please dont blame me for it,
i hope ill improve it as i learn more stuff), otherwise, im still not sure, where the map is
positioned, lol.. but in general - sand, dirt, rocks, roads.. its all there.

- about the legal stuff - this map can be uploaded on any site, forum, without my permision,
just blame me for the work( that I made it =))

- i would be thankfull for all ur comments, suggestions, ideas, what to change and improve,
thnx for that.

Thats about all I can remember, hope ull enjoy this map and good luck with C&C Tiberium Wars!

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