Bloody Rivers

*2v2* Bloody rivers

Index: - 1 Map --- 1.1 Map info --- 1.2 Map installation --- 1.3 Screenshot info - 2 Author and credits --- 2.1...


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*2v2* Bloody rivers

Index: - 1 Map --- 1.1 Map info --- 1.2 Map installation --- 1.3 Screenshot info - 2 Author and credits --- 2.1 Author --- 2.2 Credits (if to give away) - 3 Mapping partners / Upcoming projects --- 3.1 Mapping partners (if a.t.m) --- 3.2 Upcoming projects --- 3.3 Re-editing this map - 4 Disclaimer

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1. Map
1.1 Map info
This map is generaly designed for a 2 versus 2 match.
The biggest script involving this map is the gate script. If the players want to be able to launch a massive strike opon there enemy they must destroy both the 2 controll buildings on there side aswell the ones on there enemy's side. The gates will dissapear and the attack can begin. 
The map will give a notification to all players if a controll point has been destroyed.

The bridges on top and bottum provide additional rush chances, though the bridges might seem destroyed after fixxing them they are realy repaired. Its a little joke I put in the map.
There is plenty of tiberium in the neighbourhood and if its not enough there are 2 additional fields on every side of the map. 

All the players on the map start with:
Conyard / Powerplant / Stormtower

This all should bring out a good match.

1.2 Map installation (sorry only windows xp explenation)
To install this map follow the following steps!

1. Download this file
2. Extract the folder Bloody_rivers (wich should contain: "README.txt,, bloody_rivers_art.tga, map.xml, overrides.xml") to your desktop or any other you can find back.
3. Go to the location desktop (if you extracted it there) and copy/cut the folder to the following location: 
(drive):Documents and Settings(your name)Application DataCommand & Conquer 3 Tiberium WarsMaps

EXAMPLE: in my case this is the url to my map:
D:Documents and SettingsMatthijsApplication DataCommand & Conquer 3 Tiberium WarsMapsBloody_rivers

1.3 Screenshots
Screenshot can be found here with my map: (
Screenshot 1:
You see a screenshot wich shows you the location where the controll hubs can be found.

Screenshot 2:
Gives a clear overview of the center of the map. (storm towers / gate / terrain)

Screenshot 3:
Shows on the left side a controll hub, and on the right side the power plant you start with and a tib spike.

Screenshot 4:
Shows you one of the two bridges (ingame pavement is invisable) wich provides the player with alternative attack route.

Screenshot 5:
A top down view of the map (also used to make minimap)

2. Author and credits
2.1 Author
Hi my name is matthijs I live in the netherlands and i like making maps for you. I dont host maps allot, but this time i thought it whould be fun.
My ingame nicknames are: Virus.exe, olympus_nl, ~100%dutch~, /-|narchy and many more. Im only realy active on first one.

2.1 Credits
The only credits I can give away goes to this website for hosting my map on there website.

3. Mapping partners / upcoming projects
3.1 Parnters
The only mapper i recent work together with is "mungovin" who makes good maps aswell 

3.2 Upcomming projects
Me and mungovin are currently working one a big 3 maps long projects what will be something like a only campaing.
The maps will include the following (Art of defence, Mission effect, VIP [protect a special unit], liberation and much more....!!)
We are currently working on designing the maps wich is terrain only. We both are exited to make such a large project come to life!

3.3 Re-editing this map
Re-using this map is allowed if you send me a e-mail ( and give me a bit of credit for it! Be aware i label my maps invisable.

4. Disclaimer
I am in no way responsable for any virus,spam or other stuff that comes on your computer. This OS is perfectly clean and is automaticly every night checked by programs such as:
Northon, antivirus, spybot and addaware.

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