Burning Anger

Burning Anger is an eight player map which is based inside of a yellow zone. It is in a desert and is very desolate. The strong point of the...


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Burning Anger is an eight player map which is based inside of a yellow zone. It is in a desert and is very desolate. The strong point of the map is definitely its detail.

Detail- The textures on the map are very good. It will have you believing that your actually there. The river detail is also outstanding and is tinted the color green to make it look like a "tiberian" river. Husks of tanks are all littered around the map as well, making it look like more battles were fought there. Destroyed roads and dead trees also add to the feel of the map.

Game play- The map is very small to be considered an eight player map, by just looking at it you would think it was a four player map. If you got eight players on the map, expect rushes and resource fighting, so expand early. The river's bridges are choke points, so try and keep your strategies out of the bridges. AI works well on the map too.

Verdict- If you like to rush or like tight battles, this one is for you. If you like to turtle, don't get the map because of the fight for resources. If your somewhere in the middle, it won't do you any harm to get one extra map. The detail and fun factor out weigh most of the map's problems.

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Download 'burninganger.zip' (3.45MB)

Burning Anger
By: Time2KILL
Players: 8
Size: ~x=450
AI: Yes
Theatre: Yellow Zone

Install to this directory:
C:\Documents and Settings\*USER NAME*\Application Data\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Maps

	This is a highly detailed 8 player map. It is somewhat assymetrical in that each base has a
different layout, yet a diagonal river divides teams into an "L" shape. The bottom bases are divided by 
cliffs and generally are less accessable.The top bases are divided by tiberium chasms of various shapes.
I tried to make it so each player has access to an equal and sufficient amount of resources. Unfortunatly
for turtlers, resources do go fast on this map and competition may become imminent. To compensate for this,
I modified tiberium fields such that they regenerate roughly 10% faster than normal. Three bridges and
a land-like bridge are the only ways across the map. The terrain has a redish dead look while ambient sounds add to
the desolate atmosphere. The AI works very well so expect good battles both online and offline.  This map is 
somewhat similar to forestfires but it is not a remake. I just borrowed the "L" shape layout and the river
from the TS map!		

Contact me at sabatour059[at]aim[dot]com for whatever reason.

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