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C&C Retarded is my re-imagining of how a C&C game should be. How Balance should take a second seat to fun factor. A fun gameplay exp...


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C&C Retarded is my re-imagining of how a C&C game should be. How Balance should take a second seat to fun factor. A fun gameplay experience was my objective and I didn't care what I had to do to achieve it. If you have never played one of my 'Retarded' mods now is one of the best times to start.

This version includes Epic Structures. The ball is in your court EA!

Each of these structures provide the player with

* Almost Ultimated Power * Uber Build Radius * Disablement of the Fog of War (see all map) * Have Health Equivalent of 3 Con Yards/Drone Ships * And something else depending on the faction

There are also much more that goes on that is different from 2.7 But I'll leave that for you to find for yourselves.

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Download 'cncretarded28.zip' (10.58MB)

C&C Retarded (v2.8)

Created Entirely by TheGunrun.


Pinoy Pride!

This mod is for use with C&C Tiberium Wars

Tested using latest version of C&C Tiberium Wars | Kane Edition

(v1.09) without problems.

Long Live Westwood
Forever..Long Live C&C!

Copyright February 24th 2008:

E-Mail me @ ustig_1@yahoo.com

C&C3: Tiberium Wars (Kane Edition works too)
Patch v1.09 or higher


Run the Installinator.bat file and follow the directions or...

Extract the retarded1 folder from the .zip file into your "My Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\mods" directory.

Example - My directory is: "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\mods"

Note: The "mods" directory might have to be created manually

How to play:
Go into C&C3's Control Center and click on Game Browser.
Click on the 'Mods' tab and double click on 'C&C Retarded' from the list of mods.

Delete the Files you extracted.

FAQ's Answers:

To get to the control center: (on Windows XP)
Start > All Programs > Electronic Arts > Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars > Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Control Center

It works with Kane Edition.

This mod is playable on Windows Vista.

This mod can be played multiplayer if all players have it installed.

I am still working on the mod. Don't expect any of my releases to be my last any time soon.

If you think I should change something, contact me via MSN, email or comment on my site.

--------Things this Mod Changes--------

All Tiberium Refineries will provide $500 every 12 Seconds

Cranes can build base defences

Walls are buildable

Cranes can now build Cranes

All three factions are playable at once (Unholy Alliance)

All factions have starting units

MCV type units and structures now provided a larger build radius

Engineers come with repair drones

More structures allow for allied buildability

The Mutant Marauders are much much more powerful.

All power plants give more power.

Each faction has an Epic Structure. Temple Prime, GDI Advanced Battle Lab, Scrin Node.

All Transport vehicles (Ox ect..) get double the health

All tech centers take 2 minutes to build and require $10,000

Build time of Vertigo bombers and Firehawks have been halfed

Epic Structures will have the following

    * Provide Ultimated Power
    * Uber Build Radius
    * Disable Fog of War, see all map
    * Have Health Equivalent of 3 Con Yards/Drone Ships
    * Unlock Uber Units

GDI Changes:
Starting Units-
Surveyor, Rifle Soldier Squad, Predator Tank, and Pitbull.

Infantry Changes-
Snipers always one hit kill infantry.
Zone Troopers take less time to be made.
Zone Troopers are able to fire at air units.
The Rifleman's dig-in now comes with a Watch Tower defense.
Grenadiers cost less and take less time to be made.
The player can now create more than one Commando.
Early Tier units take less time to be constructed.
Grenadiers do more damage.
GDI Commando has more health and there can be more than one on the field.
New Unit known as The Rance Costa, fires EMP Bullets.

Vehicle Changes-
Mammoth Tanks have been made faster and more difficult to destroy.
Juggernauts have been made more powerful and its build time has been changed to be the same as the Mammoth.
The APC is cheaper and can now hold two different infantry squads.
Rigs cost less and have been made more difficult to destroy.
Predator Tanks build faster and cost less.
Juggernauts and Mammoth Tanks move faster.
Pitbulls cost less and build faster.
Juggernaut's range has been extended.
MCV has more health.
Early Tier units take less time to be constructed.
Mammoths have double the missiles.
All Mammoth Tanks now include 1 Repair Drone

Aircraft Changes-
Orcas take on a Venom like quality. No longer does it require a spot on the airfield nor does it need to reload.
Firehawks deal twice as much damage.
Orca range has been enlarged.
Orca has more HP.

Structure Changes-
Barracks comes with two complimentary Watchtower deferences.
The Anti-Air Gun Turret now deals double damage.
Watchtower defence deals more damage and takes up less power.
Battle Base is much more powerful.
Preds and Riflemen have been buffed.
Silos store 3x as much money.
Power plant doesn't needs Tech Structure to upgrade.
Foxholes take half as much time to build.
Ion Cannon Control Center comes with 3 AA Turrets
GDI Tech Center comes with 3 Sonic Emitters
Double the attack power of Sonic Emitters

Superweapon Changes-
A new Superweapon called the “Liquid Tiberium Bomb” has been implemented. It is obtainable at the  Space Uplink Building. This weapon does massive and destroys all things Tiberium. The money required to use this weapon is $45,000.
Ion Cannon now only takes 5 minutes to fire.
Zone Trooper drop now comes with a commando.
Sniper Drop (GDI) Will now contain twice the snipers
Radar Scan will reveal more

Nod Changes:
Starting Units-
Emissary, Nod Soldiers, Stealth Tank, and Scorpion Tanks.

Infantry Changes-
The Militant Squads have been replaced with Nod Soldiers. They can fire at air.
Shadow Teams instant kill all infantry and their bombs have been made more powerful.
Black Hands have been made much more powerful.
Fanatics now cost less and take little time to make.
Commando is stealthed while moving and deals much more damage.
Early Tier units take less time to be constructed.
Shadow teams fly twice as fast.
Nod Commando can now fire at aircraft and no longer uses c4

Vehicle Changes-
Buggys and Bikes cost less and take little time to construct.
Beam Cannons fire faster and take less time to construct.
Avatars have been made much more powerful, they now can fire at aircraft.
Flame Tanks do more damage.
Nod MCV is stealthed while not moving.
Early Tier units take less time to be constructed.
Stealth Tanks cost less and build Faster.
New Unit known as the Catalyst Avatar, turns vehicles into more of itself. Life time of 100 seconds.
Nod Bikes can navigate Cliffs.
Stealth Tanks will deal more damage.
Avatars now come with all the upgrades when created.

Aircraft Changes-
Venoms have been renamed to Vipers. They are now more powerful.
Vertigo Bomber deals twice as much damage.
Vertigo AA weapon has been doubled

Structure Changes-
All hub defenses carry five of the defense instead of three.
The Temple of Nod comes with five complimentary Obelisks of Light.
The Obelisk of Light now fires at aircraft. It is also much more powerful.
SAMs deal more damage.
Power plant doesn't needs Tech Structure to upgrade.
Silos store 3x as much money.

Superweapon Changes-
The Nuclear Missile has been amplified extremely, Massive Damage.
Timer on the Seed Tiberium power has been shortened.
Double the size of Nod's Cloaking Field

Scrin Changes:
Starting Units-
Explorer, Jobbers, Gun Walker, and Seeker Tanks.

Infantry Changes-
Jobbers(Buzzers) now deal damage to vehicles and structures. They will die instantly when hit by anything. They also can move over water.
ShockTroopers deam more damage

Vehicle Changes-
All hover vehicles now can travel over water and some cliffs.
Tripods can now fire at air.
Tripods instant kills infantry.

Aircraft Changes-
Mothership's speed has been doubled.
The MCV flies at a much higher altitude.
Planetary Assault Carriers are more powerful.
Devastator warships deal more damage.

Structure Changes-
The Scrin AA Structure deals much more damage.
When a Signal Transmitter is constructed the player will lose all fog of war.
Growth Accelerators now accelerates to Four times the normal rate. They build fast too.

Superweapon Changes-
The Rift has been changed to last longer and have a larger range.
Lightning Spikes now come with an Ion Storm.

The Music Used in Retarded:

Frank Klepacki - Devine Intervention

Vigilante - Answers

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