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This is a Release Candidate for C&C Retarded v3. This version includes the three Smackdown Units. And a slew of n...


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This is a Release Candidate for C&C Retarded v3. This version includes the three Smackdown Units. And a slew of new things.

Note: There is full AI support. Skirmish works perfectly. Also, if you are unable to see any of the epic structures set your Model Detail to High and Shader Detail to medium.

Disclaimer: The Unholy Alliance mega faction has no AI.

Description from Banshee at PPM:

TheGunrun has emailed me few days ago to inform about the first release candidate of C&C Retarded 3. For those who doesn't know what is this mod about, don't judge the book by its cover. The mod wasn't simply made to be stupid. The purpose of the mod is to provide the most entertaining gameplay experience ever for casual players.

It actually uses wicked ideas to make things more fun, including the recently added Smackdown Units, which are a higher level of Epic units. The chono tesla monkey with nuclear bananas are nothing near any of these units. The cash flow of this mod is high, allowing players to build hordes of units even when all tiberium is gone, so buiding smackdown units after paying $10k for a tech center is not a problem.

The mod is downloadable at C&C: FileFront, where you can also watch a trailer, where GunRun used Divine Intervention music from UAW on it. While I love Frank Klepacki's musics, I'm not sure if the UAW ones really match Kane's Wrath. I guess it is a personal thing. Anyway, this mod is here to redefine the word 'Retarded' into something positive and it already has a lot of fans. Check it out, if you are seeking a completely new and fun experience and remember, this is for Tiberium Wars only (doesn't work on KW). Have fun!

Most of the Changes:

Music: Main Menu - Vigilante's Answers Skirmish Screen - Frank Klepacki's Devine Intervention

The Smackdown Units: Gunther, Lord of the Smackdown - Cost $25,000. Buildtime 45 Seconds. Giant Mammoth Tank MK1. Has Jump Jet engine. Fires Modifyed Juggernaught Shells. Has 16 Missles in each clip. Catalyst Avatar, Kings of the Smackdown - Cost $31,337. Buildtime 20 Seconds. The manifistation of engery into the body of an Avatar. Fires conversion beam that turns any vehicle into another Avatar. Evisceration Wormhole, Prior of the Smackdown - Cost $50,000. Buildtime 30 Seconds. Wormhole hacked to destroy. Anything that comes close to it will be destroyed. Very hard to kill. Very Slow.

Skirmish Options: Random Crates replaced with Random Ion Cannon Strikes New AI naming system.

Superweapons: Nuclear Missle - Much larger radius. Much more damage. Takes 10 minute reload. Ion Cannon - 5 Minute Reload. Rift - Larger radius. Lasts much longer. GDI Drop Pods - 3 Drop Pods. Each one contains 3 Zone Trooper Squads and one Commando. Tiberium Vapor Bomb - Massive Damage. Cloaking Field - Larger radius of effect. GDI Airborne - 3x the infantry. Shockwave Artillery - Larger radius. Longer EMP. The Swarm - 20 Jobbers.

Nod: construction Yard - No longer has radar ability. Can now build epic structure, Temple Prime. Larger Build Radius. Crane - Larger Build Radius. Can build defences. Power Plant - Provides more power than before. Defensive Turrets - Larger build radius. Two more turrets. Disruption Tower - Cloaks itself. Refinery - Provides $500 every 12 seconds. War Factory - Can now build Catalyst Avatars. Operations Center - Gives radar. Tiberium Silo - Five Max. Each give $10 every second. Temple of Nod - Nuclear Missle now does much much more damage in a larger radius. Tech Lab - Costs $10,000. Buildtime 60 Seconds. Allows for construction of Temple Prime. Temple Prime* - Costs $50,000. Buildtime 120 Seconds. Allows for construction of Catalyst Avatars. Comes with 7 Oblisks of Light. 60,000 Health. Provides power equal to over 20 Power Plants. Provides full view of the map.

Nod Soldiers (Militants) - Attacks air. Deals more damage. New look. Militant Rocket Squad - Comes in squads of four. Saboteur - Has repair drones that can repair structures. Fanatics - Stealthed when not moving. Deals more damage. Black Hand - Can take much more damage. Deals much more damage. Shadow Team - Instant kills most infantry. Bombs deal more damage. Commando - Lasers do massive damage to everything.

Raider Buggy - Can contain one squad of infantry. Scorpion Tank - Does more damage. Attack Bike - Can navigate mountainsides. MCV - Has actual build radius. Flame Tank - Does more damage. Stealth Tank - More missles. More Damage. Beam Cannon - Does more damage. Avatar - Comes fully upgraded. Catalyst Avatar - Has weapon which transforms any vehicle it hits into another Catalyst Avatar.

Viper (Venom) - New name. Vertigo - Faster Buildtime. Deals much more damage.

GDI: Construction Yard - No radar. Builds Epic Structure. Larger Build Radius. Crane - Larger Build Radius. Can build defences. Power Plant - More power. All Base Defences - Much more damage. Refinery - Provides $500 every 12 seconds. War Factory - Can build Gunthers. Barracks - Comes with two Watchtowers. Can train Rance Costas. Tiberium Silo - Five Max. Each give $10 every second. Tech Center - Allows for construction of Advanced Tech Lab. Command Post - Give radar. Ion Cannon Control Center - Ion Cannon now fires more often. Armory - The infantry drop now comes with three times more infantry. Space Command Uplink - Zone Trooper Drop comes with three drop pods. Shockwave Artillery does much more damage. Liquid Tiberium bomb is unlocked. Advanced Tech Center - Provides full view of the map. Allows construction of Gunther. Provides lots of power.

Rifleman Squad - Does more damage to infantry. Builds Bunker/Watchtower hybrids. Missle Squad - More damage. Engineer - Has repair drones. Grenadier Squad - Cheaper/Faster to make. Sniper Team - Squads of three. Commando - Can build more than one. Zone Trooper - Can damage air units. Cheaper/Faster to make. Rance Costa - Fires EMP bullets that disable aircraft and vehicles. Squads of many.

APC - Two Squad slots. Deals more damage. Pitbull - More Damage. Predator Tank - More Damage. Rig - Cheaper/Faster to make. Does more damage. MCV - Creates a build radius. Mammoth Tank - More missles. More damage. More health. Juggernaut - Does more damage. Larger range.

Orca - More like the Venom. No longer needs to refuel/load. Firehawk - Does much more damage.

Scrin: Drone Platform - Has radar. Has repair drones that repair units/structures. Huge build radius. Foundry - Can build defences. Reactor - Much more power provided. Extractor - Provides $500 every 12 seconds. Plastma Disk Launcher - Much more powerful. Growth Accelerator - Provides $30 every second. Warp Sphere - Can build Evisceration Wormholes. Nerve Center - Lighting Spike now comes with an ion storm. Technology Assembler - Allows for the creation of Control Node. Control Node - Allows for construction of Evisceration Wormholes. Comes with 7 Storm Columns. Provides endless power. Rift Generator - Rift lasts for a long time. signal Transmitter - Provides full view of the map.

Jobbers (Buzzers) - New name. Does MUCH MUCH more damage. Can travel over water and mountains.

Seeker - Can travel over water and mountains. Gun Walker - Can travel over water and mountains. Devourer Tank - Can travel over water and mountains. Explorer - Can travel over water and mountains. Drone Platform (undeployed) - Can travel over water and mountains. Harvester - Can travel over water and mountains. Annihilator Tripod - Instantly kills infantry. Can travel over water and mountains. Stronger Sheild.

Planetary Assault Carrier - Does more damage. Stronger Sheild. Faster Slave Ships. Devastator Warship - Does much more damage. Stronger Sheild.

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Download 'retarded3rc1.zip' (12.39MB)

C&C Retarded Triple Release Candidate 1

Created Entirely by TheGunrun.


Pinoy Pride!

This mod is for use with C&C Tiberium Wars

Tested using latest version of C&C Tiberium Wars | Kane Edition

(v1.09) without problems.

Long Live Westwood
Forever..Long Live C&C!

Copyright April 27th 2008:

E-Mail me @ ustig_1@yahoo.com

C&C3: Tiberium Wars (Kane Edition works too)
Patch v1.09 or higher


Run the Installinator.bat file and follow the directions or...

Extract the retarded1 folder from the .zip file into your "My Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\mods" directory.

Example - My directory is: "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\mods"

Note: The "mods" directory might have to be created manually

How to play:
Go into C&C3's Control Center and click on Game Browser.
Click on the 'Mods' tab and double click on 'CNCRetarded RC1' from the list of mods.

Delete the Files you extracted.

FAQ's Answers:

Yes, there will be a version for Kane's Wrath, but not untill the KW Mod SDK is out.

To get to the control center: (on Windows XP)
Start > All Programs > Electronic Arts > Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars > Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Control Center

It works with Kane Edition.

This mod is playable on Windows Vista.

This mod can be played multiplayer if all players have it installed.

I am still working on the mod. Don't expect any of my releases to be my last any time soon.

If you think I should change something, contact me via MSN, email or comment on my site.
Contact me:





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