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In an effort to bring something quite different to the C&C Community, here's a rap song about C&C3. Feel free to contact my agent, I'm av...


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In an effort to bring something quite different to the C&C Community, here's a rap song about C&C3. Feel free to contact my agent, I'm available for tours.

Words - JohnWE Music - Puzzabug Game - EA

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Yo it's me
John to the W to the E
I'm gonna tell you a story 'bout C&C3
So pull up your chairs
and turn up your speakers
I'm gonna rock the mike
like an ion cannon strike

I want walls, people whine
put 'em in and you'll find
they don't attack back
my tanks lay out the smack
they got three patches
in three days
they never cease to amaze
I'm 'bout old school
that's what I told you
Left Click Left Action Roll you
And when I'm done
You'd better run
Cause the bell's gonna toll you

Ya know that plus logo
well that was a no go
plus don't mean and
anywhere in the land
I come into your base with an engineer
---that's queer
-- better fear
how long can ya last
construction ain't fast
when your base is mine
it happens all the time

knock knock
guess Who
it's Kane
that fool?

you got it right
he's back in the fight
a little sword spite
ain't enough to drop him
he's calling the Scrin
on a quest for all life
trying to form
the humans by storm
the next stage of evolution
tiberium pollution
victory, occlusion
is he a mad man,
or the world's greatest plan
human to alien
    to machine
with that substance of green

Stop that
Get the air clean
Says GDI
Always the good guy
makin' time fly
with orcas 
attacking nod Ports
get this thing under control
that's how we roll
with a mammoth tank
five on each flank
think your 20s are cool
check out my 42s
They don't got chrome
I'm not complainin'
there's no shame in
running down all your foes
like they had arrows and bows

down come the Scrin
you know, alien
look like they come from a huge trash bin
got a commando 
sell your base out
or with their mothership
one shot, no doubt
Scrin assault carriers 
own 2's harriers
and pretty much everything else around
except underground
takin' the infantry to school with buzzers
why are they here?
did they start this disgrace
or was that from
another race

We're at the conclusion 
and this is a fusion
of all the main things
that gave you confusion
I engineer your base
mothership the place
and right into space
launch a nuke missile
you'd better bristle
base is going to sizzle
or fry
when down from the sky
You ain't victorious
I'm the one glorious
no base I see
cause I'm JohnWE 
and you just got owned 
in C&C3

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