CnC 3 April Podcast - Part 2

This is Part 2 of the CnC 3 April Podcast, if you have not heard part one click here. If so download it now!

This podcast lasts 46 minute...

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This is Part 2 of the CnC 3 April Podcast, if you have not heard part one click here. If so download it now!

This podcast lasts 46 minutes and 45 seconds long, This podcast is geared mainly towards to the Multiplayer part of CnC 3 mainly the 1.05 balance patch, in the beginning Senior Development Director Chris Corry gets interviewed about the Battlecast Multiplayer System. It was mentioned in Part 1 about the lobby changes but now Chris gets his few words in on it, he talks about how they spread the lobbies into the 30 lobbies you see now because if you had 500 people in one lobby "the game no workey", so they split the lobbies to help ease the load on their servers. Then he talks about how they are working to bring Battlecast back up to speed and that they are committed to keeping it up and running smoothly. Since Battlecast is server-side they are able to update Battlecast without releasing a patch and do it about every 48 hours, and are working to release a program which will allow others to download/watch Battlecasts even for those that don't own the game.

Chris also talks about how they ladder is run on a e-load ladder which is based on the people you play and not on the number of people you play. (Ex. You play 10 good people with high ranks, you will move up higher in the ladder than if you played 40 games with people ranked low.), also they talk about how they are hoping to do ladder resets every 3 months but if you are in the top 10 you could be eligible to win cash prizes or stuff from Nvidia, but no promises. Finally Chris talks about is disconnecters, saying for those who intentionally disconnect with cable pulls to attempt to effect the stats is a direct violation of the EA Terms of Service and are hoping to do regular stat runs looking for statistical disconnect anomalies and will kill those accounts linked to it, APOC says "we will squash you." If you keep doing disconnecting your CD-Key will be banned permanently.

Finally the part we have all been waiting for "Lead Balance Designer Greg Black jumps back in the hot seat as APOC delves deep in to the balance change-list for the upcoming "BIG" Patch 1.05! What exactly is in store for GDI, Nod, and the Scrin? How will Command & Conquer be changed forever?" - :D I won't spoil this part if you want to learn about what's in store you have to download it ;).

I hope you enjoyed this podcast and look foward to the 1.05 Balance patch and hopefully the MOD SDK sometime soon around the release of the 1.05 patch.

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