C&C 3: Tiberium Wars v1.06 Patch - Korean

Well here it is guys the long awaited patch 1.06


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Well here it is guys the long awaited patch 1.06 <- Sarcasm :p. Well just think the next patch will have the Mod SDK

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Version 1.06 Patch Notes - July 16, 2007


This patch for Command & Conquer 3 changes the way that disconnect stats are recorded during ranked and unranked online matches, addresses a critical exploit, and fixes a number of other bugs.

Tracking Disconnects

· Changed the way that disconnects are reported. Now, whenever the game detects that a disconnect has occurred in a 1v1 match, both players are awarded a disconnect stat -- neither player is given a win or loss stat.


· Fixed an exploit that caused any unit or structure to become invincible if force-fired upon by a Mammoth Tank that had been upgraded with Rail Guns. 

Other Bugs

· Fixed a bug that caused the Nod Cloaking Field power to deduct up to 6,000 credits from the Operations Center. The power now correctly deducts 3,000 credits. 

· Fixed a bug that allowed players in the online lobbies to /tell and /invite users that had marked them to be ignored.

· Players can no longer send /tell messages to other players as observers during a multiplayer match. 

· Fixed a hang that occurred when users typed /friend or /invite without a corresponding name.

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