Allows Cranes to build defensive structures in C&C3 version 1.9!

Note: don't expect it to be as useful as it was in versions 1.6 and pri...


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Allows Cranes to build defensive structures in C&C3 version 1.9!

Note: don't expect it to be as useful as it was in versions 1.6 and prior. Tiberium gathering really changed.

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Hi guys,

For all those people that hate the fact that cranes can no longer build defensive structures here's the mod for you.


Basically the same as C&C3 1.9 but, Cranes can now build defenses again. (from testing on 1.9, excessively building defenses with cranes ends in tears anyway)


Simply extract into,

XP - (I have Vista and I can't remember where to find this from the root dir, however people that treat their PC as a black-box system should be able to find this)
"my documents/Command & Conquer3 Tiberium Wars/mods"

Vista -
"[user name]/documents/Command & Conquer3 Tiberium Wars/mods"
"C:/Users/[user name]/documents/Command & Conquer3 Tiberium Wars/mods"

Troubleshooting installation;
If you end up with a directory tree that looks like .../mods/cranemod19 then you've installed it incorrectly.
Open the cranemod19 directory and copy the cranemod directory into the mods directory and you should be ok.


Put in your C&C 3 disc and let it autorun, click the game browser button, click the mods tab, click Cranemod then click the launch game button.

Appologies and Credits;

Appologies for not having an installer as it would take me longer to figure it out and make one then it did to make this mod.

Credit goes to EA for graciously distributing the Mod SDK packs and keeping the XML files in the backs up to date with the patches.

Credit also goes to Dezaro (me) for this, I'm sure another exists somewhere that is exactly the same on the net but, I havn't been able to find one.
In the event that this is the case be assured I havn't just ripped off your mod, I have made this through mine and alot of my friends frustration with EA possibly taking one of the biggest steps backwards since they took over Westwood,
certainly since they decided that C&C3 wouldn't continue the concept of having individual Generals with unique special attributes until the expansion pack.
I'd hate to say it but, RA2 and Generals: Zero Hour are the best of the bunch.

The Future;

I would like to make a "realism mod" to try and make the damage for things like railguns, the armour values more realistic and then try to balance it out with costs of each unit and probably upgrading each unit individually.
Though in antiscipation of Kane's Wrath, I won't be starting it until that is released and I've finished the game. Don't hold your breathe waiting for it as it probably won't be very good initially.

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