Fairytale of New York

A medium sized, two player, snowy recreation of [url="http://maps.yahoo.com/#mvt=s&q1=Central%20Park,%20New%20York,%20NY&trf=0&lon=-73.96026...


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A medium sized, two player, snowy recreation of Central Park. It is very accurate to real life, which makes it cool to play. Another reason it's cool is that it is set in snowy winter time. Snowflakes are on the map, and it has a rather cold wintry feel to the map all over. There is a blue tiberium field in the center on the left side and a Subway Hub on the right middle. Generally whoever has the blue tiberium wins on a map, but there are enough subway exit locations that you might be able to pull off an early infantry rush using them. At the least, you could control the sides of the map.

Graphics: Very well done. There are paths through the park, roads are accurately placed, everything is very well recreated. The theme of the map is winter, and there aren't any parts that you wouldn't expect to be in the map. Even the water has a nice icey feel.

Gameplay: This is an improvement over the Sheffield Blue Zone map. This is a more chokepoint map, and it might be unbalanced in favor of the Scrin because of all the close buildings. But you'd have an interesting battle if it were GDI/Nod against eachother. You have to control the blue tiberium, but there are multiple ways to do it, and you must have control of the buildings. To have control of the buildings, you must have control of the Subway Stations.

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Download 'mp_fairytale_of_new_york.zip' (1.62MB)

Map Name: Fairytale of New York
Players: 2
Author: Cipher_Ultra

Set in Central Park, in the Winter.
Parkland surrounds the bases with urban areas at West and East sides. Subway hub on the right, blue Tiberium on the left.

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Put the "Fairytale_of_New_York" folder into this directory.

C:\Documents and Settings\ProfileName\Application Data\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Maps\

Email: ianjlatham at btinternet.com

Copyright. Cipher_Ultra

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