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Here's another good mod for C&C3. It takes regular C&C3, adds walls, reduces many build times, allows more base defenses to be built, incr...


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Here's another good mod for C&C3. It takes regular C&C3, adds walls, reduces many build times, allows more base defenses to be built, increases Superweapon damage, and adds a bunch of music.

The mod works with no problems, and the Mothership is very powerful now. Blew up an entire base instantly with little health left. FF&C reminds me of Zero Hour Reborn; at least that's the closest mod I can see a comparison with.

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Download '' (50.01MB)

Fun Fast And Crazy 0.1 !

-This mod is intended for use for C&C Tiberium Wars and The Kane Edition
Tested with C&C Tiberiym wars Kane Edition (v1.08) without problems!

Online matches should WORK!!!! iam 99% Sure they work.. version 0.2 will be tested online before Release!!

Copyright September 5, 2007:

E-Mail me @ Bruce_Games at


C&C3: Tiberium Wars (Kane Edition works too) | patch v1.07 or higher

Extract the FnC folder from the .zip file into your "My Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\mods" directory.

This is the directory for me: "C:\Documents and Settings\Youré Acount Name!\My Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\mods"

How to play:
Go into your C&C3's Control Center and click on Game Browser.
Click on the 'Mods' tab and double click on 'FnC' from the list of mods.

Delete the Files you extracted.


It works on Kane Edition.

You can do multiplayer if all players have this version of the mod installed.

To get to the control center: (on Windows XP)
Start > All Programs > Electronic Arts > Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars > Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Control Center

Iam still working on the mod i won't stop till i say so!

If you think I should change something/ Something is unbalanced or you have an awesome idea.., contact me via msn or email me.



Refinary's cost 1750!
Build ranges Increased for all buildings!
Apc caries 4 units!
Nod Defences can now build 6 or 5 Defences from there hubs! @ an bigger range!! Not the nod AA guns!! They fire double this misles!
Defences GDI,NOD Decreased Buildingtime and Price's are Decreased.
GDI SHOCKWAVE CANNON now kills youré own base/units so watch out.
new music!! Mainmenu music and Skirmish music. (not in light version) (Thanks Apollo!)
Walls added to all three factions.
Lots of damage changes and speed changes to almost all Tanks/Aircraft!
Nuke and IonCannon Have a Bigger range now.
Temple of Nod Price/buildtime changed.
Ioncannon Buildtime/Price cahnged.
Tech Centers for all faction's price Decreased/Buildtime Decreased.
Shield upgrades Prices Decreased/buildtime Decreased.
RailGun Prices Decreased/buildtime Decreased.
Laser Prices Decreased/buildtime Decreased.

i forgot to note all the changes :(. so you should launch and see for youreself! 


And ALOTTT more!


Contact me:

None (Maybe i can get an website??)

bruce_games at

Credits :
TMF(The Music Factory a Tv show :P ) For cheering me up once C&C3 has crashed one again :P!
Westwood For making the C&C Universe!!! WESTWOOD Rulez!
EA For Selling this game!
EALA For making this somewhat Awesome Game!
Bruce Van duyn A.K.A. Godsun - For the Whole mod.. except the music/the code's from the music! (Me)
Apollo - for providing me with his Source Code of his Music Mod! And for helping me once C&C3 crashed :P! Thanks man i owe you one!
Chimaira - Nothing Remains
Tokio Hotel - Scream
Pantera - Walk
Casada - Evrythime We Touch
Prodigy - Fire Starter
Jeckyl And Hyde - Flip Side
FlyLeaf - Fully Alive
Dj Twisty - Jump the Fuck up 
Soil - Halo 

Maybe ill add more music in the Future!

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