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Twenty One Maps. Took me quite a few hours to play, screenshot and review them all. So, enjoy! Two Thousand Words.

Tiberium Contra - 7/...


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Twenty One Maps. Took me quite a few hours to play, screenshot and review them all. So, enjoy! Two Thousand Words.

Tiberium Contra - 7/10

2-player, Blue Zone, medium sized map. There is one field of green Tiberium for each base to expand to, but the battle will be fought over the six Tech Spikes grouped in one area. There is plenty of water to the south east, and plenty of land on the other side of the map. There are hills, but they are generally passable, which makes most of the map a large battleground. The terrain is Blue Zone, but it is not lush, it is more of a dieing Blue Zone. This looks cool, but there are only about 5 textures used for the ground. While they are nicely placed, it lacks in variety.

Blood Forest - 5/10

4-player, Red Zone, Large map. Top versus Bottom, divided by a river with 2 wide crossings. Many Spikes in the middle to fight over, and there is one expansion Blue Tiberium for each player, and two in the river valley. The ambient sounds are very nice for this map, it has a good atmosphere. However, there is one main texture used for all the ground, and it gets rather repetitive.

Cave Fortress - 4/10

4-player, Blue Zone, Large, Top vs. Bottom map. Two rivers divide it, keeping 1/4 of the area between them. North and South are the base locations. There are really not many textures used for this map. Tactially, this could be very interesting, as there are two bridges across each river, and only 4 Spikes to fight over. But unfortunately, the textures are quite lacking.

Death Harvest 1 - 4/10

Ahh! 1 Grass Texture! It's a 4-player, Blue Zone, Corner spotted, very open map. The center has an Island with four bridges leading to it, and has 8 Spikes on it. There are 8 small Blue Tiberium patches which are halfway between on each of the sides. It reminds me of a few Generals maps, but the Generals maps had more texture variety. There are some nice touches of GDI forces well laid out.

Diamond Warfare - 5/10

I hate giving these maps so low ratings just because of textures. But that's the case with this one. One texture for the cliffs, one for the grass and a third for the main sandy part. It's a 4 player Top vs. Bottom, slightly open map with major cliff ridges dividing the bases from the middle. 9 Spikes to fight over there, and each side starts with a small Blue field next to their base in addition to the regular sized green field. There are another 2 small Blue Tiberium fields for top and bottom, and another two on each side of the map to fight over.

Dulce New Mexico - 8/10

Top vs. Bottom, 4 player, Blue Zone, City Divided map. This map is extremely well detailed. Each player starts out with a regular Green field, and then a small Blue field they can build to. Between both team players, there is another Green field across bridges. The real source of money is from the 10 spread out Spikes in the town in this map. Graphics are well done, there are bushes, trees, roads, buildings, monorail tracks. Very nicely put together. My only problem with the map is that the main textures come to a total of Three. That, and 10 Spikes is a little much for my taste, are the only things stopping this from being a 10/10.

Firing Squad - 7/10

This map is a cross between Lone Eagle (Generals) and City Under Siege (RA2). It's a 4-player, diagonally river-divided, Blue Zone map. There are four destroyable bridges going across the river, two of which the start locations are close to. Everybody starts with a Green field and also a nicely sized Blue one. There are two more Green fields in each of the back corners of the map. The middle of the map is composed of a town with some Gun Turrets to capture along with three Spikes for each side. The textures could be improved, but the detail is very high. Plenty of good stuff to admire in the city. The only other problem is that the start locations are too small. You don't have a place to build much of a large base.

Ghost Delta - 5/10

A 4-player, Blue Zone, large, chokepoint map. This definately has a proper setting, with a foggy feel to it. Problems are that there is only 1 terrain height besides the mountains which cut some areas off of the map. Along with that, there aren't that many textures used. This map only has 5 small Blue Tiberium fields spread apart for each side of the river, and no Spikes like I was used to by now. So lack of money could be a large problem in this. The river delta is very nicely done, but I'd like to see some more improvements to the map.

Green Land - 6/10

This map is a 4-player, large, Blue Zone, around the edges map. The start spots are split up; not in the corners or the center of the sides. There is a large circular plateau which takes up most of the map. The start spots are down from the plateau, surrounding it. Each player can expand to another Green field, and there is one Green field + 8 Spikes to battle over in the middle. Edge texturing is good, but the center is made up of one texture.

Hell's Dungeon - 9/10

Now here's an alien landscape. A 4-player, East vs West, Strange Zone map. This is divided by two rivers with a diamond shaped land segment in the middle. On it are 4 Green fields, while each side starts with one for each player and another between them. Four Spikes are on the center of the map too, and there are a few bridges connecting the sides to the center. This map is really ugly, in a pretty sort of way! Good job on the textures and atmosphere.

Highlander Fields - 7/10

This is a 4-player East vs. West, Blue Zone, open, large map. Mainly consisting of large grassy fields, it is divided by a slightly raised area on which there are a few Spikes. There are plenty of ways to cross this raised area, or you can follow it around to the back of an enemy base to surprise attack them there. Decent job on the texturing here.

Holographic Sanctuary - 6/10

A 4-Player, Top vs Bottom, medium, Blue Zone, chokepoint map. Each player has access to another small Blue Tiberium field, and there is an extra Green field on each side of the river for the team to divide. The rivers don't run straight down the center, but they winds their way making a very interesting, but symmetrical map. There are quite a few ways to get across to the enemies, all destroyable bridges. There is an island in the center, with the obligatory (or it would seem) 8 Spikes. Problem: I counted not one, not two, but three textures used for the whole map.

Horizontal Hourglass - 7/10

Textures are well done on this map. It's a 4-player, large, Blue Zone, top vs bottom, semi-open map. There is an hourglass canyon which cuts the middle of the map into sections. The two ends of the hourglass hold four Spikes each. There is a bridge across the center of the map, connecting two eye-shaped land masses. Each of those hold two extra Green fields. This map has good textures, but it has no props at all. No bushes, no trees.

Interstate Execution - 5/10

This map is a 4-player, corner oriented, Blue Zone, very open map. Bad points are that it uses two textures and has no terrain elevation difference. Two of the start spots have a medium sized part of a city in their corner of the map, they have two small Blue fields to expand to. The others don't have the city, but have two regular Green fields. There are 7 spread apart derricks in the city to capture. Please, use more than two textures on a map. The town is nicely laid out.

Ionic Meltdown - 4/10

This is a 4-player, Blue Zone, top vs bottom, open map. There are segments cut out of the land with water, making the land the shape of an I (with bars). There are three small Blue fields and 4 regular Green fields in the middle, along with 6 Spikes spread apart. This map uses a good amount of textures, but the lack of terrain variation is disappointing. Plus, there is a Ion Cannon center on the top, so one team can start with an Ion Cannon while the other doesn't.

Maimed Majority - 3/10

Can you say two textures? One only used for a small bit on the map? It's a 4-player, top vs bottom, river split map. There are two rivers which cut the middle out of the map. Each side has three Spikes to start with, but the most of the resources are on the middle section with 6 large Green fields. Some nicely done forests are on this map, but the lack of textures really hurts it.

Matrix Hive - 8/10

This is an interestingly laid out map. It is a 4-player, top vs bottom, Yellow Zone, choke point map. The textures are numerous in this one, but not quite as well done as EA's maps. The fun comes in the layout here. There is a central passageway from top to bottom, with four Spikes on each side, and bridges over water. The other resources are in two passageways from top to bottom. Those passages hold 4 medium Green fields, so you'll be fighting in close quarters for the cash. The rivers could be a different color/texture. It appears completely green and that's not very pretty. You start too far away from your initial Tiberium patch.

Mercenary Factor - 5/10

Another blah-texture map. Top vs. bottom, divided by two rivers into three parts. The middle has Four large Green fields, while each player starts with a small Blue field and a regular Green field. There are two cities on the middle land, some GDI buildings are in one of them, giving that person the ability to get two cranes for practially nothing. There are two bridges crossing each river in the center, and an extra bridge for the bottom right spot. Unbalance I say! The town is well done as usual.

Red Hills - 8/10

This is a 4-player map, non symmetical and Yellow Zone. The players start at various locations around the edge. The texturing on this map is very good. Plenty of ridges in this make it very interesting to navigate. The bad parts are that you start too far away from your Tiberium, and there is not enough build room at your starting point. Other than that, well done!

Shadow Infantry - 7/10

This one is a 4-player, Yellow Zone, Chokepoint map. Each player starts with one Spike in addition to their Green field, and can expand to another Green field close by. The map has lots of cliffs protecting the 2nd Green fields, but you can cross through the middle of the map over the hills. So either attack through the center, or around the edge. There are a lot of textures used on this map, but they're not used very well. Still too blocky.

Silo Anarchy - 6/10

It's a 4-player, diagonally divided, Blue Zone map. Each player starts out with one Green field, with another one to expand to AND three silos. There are three Spikes on each side of the river to capture. Three bridges across the map allow for units to cross. This map has decent texture usage, and is very hilly. Roads through the hills are always nice looking. It could use maybe some trees or rocks or some more detail.

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