C&C 3: Tiberium Wars Mod SDK v1.0

Here is the Mod SDK for C&C3. Released Finally! With this release, you will be able to modify C&C3 units, add your own, change the UI to y...


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Here is the Mod SDK for C&C3. Released Finally! With this release, you will be able to modify C&C3 units, add your own, change the UI to your liking and plenty more!

Please note that you may need to download some more pieces.

C&C3 Patch 1.07 -- Required for everything. .NET Framework v2.0 – Required to run the BinaryAssetBuilder application. Visual C++ 2005 SP1 – Required to run the BinaryAssetBuilder application. ANTLR v2.77 – Required when using the tag. Mvp.xml v2.0 – Required when using xi:include statements.

To get these, view the html readme included with the file.

In addition, there are sample content packs which are useful to see how EA made the game:

Worldbuilder Unit Portrait Images All UI Textures Sample Unit Models

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Download 'cnc3modsdk.exe' (103.76MB)

Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars(TM)
MOD SDK 1.00
The Installer for the MOD SDK currently consists of these pieces:

3DS Max plugins
Sample MOD
Support documentation
3DS Max plugin
There are 2 sets of 3DS Max plugins included in this package. One requires that you have 3DS Max 9 and the other, 3DS Max 7 with service pack 1 or 3DS Max 8 installed.

To install, copy the contents of "3dsmax7_plugin" found in your MOD SDK folder into their respective folders in the "3dsmax7" install directory. Similarly, copy the contents of "3dsmax9_plugin" into the respective folders for 3dsmax9.

This will copy the actual plugin, several useful MaxScripts and shaders that can be used in Max to configure materials. See the 3DSMax section in the documentation for more info.

The W3XViewer can be launched from anywhere, and does not need to be copied. If you have all your art files (W3X files and textures) in one directory W3XView can find them all together; however, the game file structure layout is different:

W3X files, by default, need to be in a directory "Art\XX" where XX is the first two letters of the file name. That directory needs to be below your installed MOD SDK directory. So a full path might be "C:\MOD SDK\Art\GB\GB_Conyard01.w3x"
Further Details on how art works can be found in the section detailing how the Sample MOD was created in the documentation.
Typically our artists create W3X files and textures for one unit or structure in a single directory, and then copy over the final files into the W3X and texture directories that the game needs.

The MOD SDK installer creates a .bat file in the root of your install directory.  To build your MOD simply run this from a command prompt and pass it one parameter which is the name of your MOD.  You can test this on the Sample MOD by running BuildMOD.bat SampleMOD from the command line.  This will create and generate a .big file for you.  Once you’ve successfully built your MOD, the big file for your MOD will be located in the BuiltMODs\MODs folder.  In the case of the Sample MOD this will be samplemod.big.  The .bat file will also automatically copy this file to the My Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\mods\<mod name> folder.  This is where your completed MODs should be placed to be run in the game.  The only step left to getting your MOD to appear in the game is the creation of a Skudef file and will be covered in the section labeled "Completing the MOD" under Sample MOD in the documentation.

Further documentation
Additional documentation in HTML format can be found in the Documentation directory. This includes documents about the various parts of the 3DS Max plug-in, the W3DViewer and further art creation rules (eg how to set up house coloring). There is also the sections detailing how the Sample MOD was created. 

    *Keep in mind that the MOD SDK has some required applications.
    *The newest WorldBuilder needs to be downloaded to work with the MOD SDK.

MOD to your hearts content,
   EALA Command & Conquer Team

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