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My first upload of the day and its my pack, map pack actually.(Ill rather learn by mistakes on my own stuff, RAther then harm other peoples...


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My first upload of the day and its my pack, map pack actually.(Ill rather learn by mistakes on my own stuff, RAther then harm other peoples work).Okay, so here I go.I wont really rate this as it would stink.So Ill just tell you the following.There are 10 custom maps in this map pack, namely -

Port City Scramble Tournament Red Zone DownTown BZ2 DownTown BZ4 Yellow Zone YZ2 Yellow Zone YZ4 Nod Factory Showdown Nod Factory Showdown RZ4 Two Towers Sarajevo YZ8

Some names may sound familiar, because you can find the same maps at cncfiles already, but these are becoming obsolete with this pack.At least the author says, he tried to make them upto date, with what he Learned since these maps first came out..Then there's also a good number of completely new maps.Now, Ill paste some facts about each map as they will give you a good idea, what are these maps like.You will run into my "while it was in the making" sentences, so please don't feel shocked of these.I wont really rate this, as it is my own file.. and it would be hard for me to rate my own work, as when I play these maps today, with some delay. I feel I would make some changes again but.. in general, downloading this will not leave you disappointed, or with regrets. Port City Scramble This was the second map Ive done, with a help of Marauder709 from, he taught me a lot about WB.. and this map was really good straight from the first release, really.. was a great co-work ? thnx man! Soo.. if the map was so cool before, what did I change? Well, in the terms of game play, Ive adjusted the tiberium amount a bit (there's slightly more now), Ive spread foliage around the map, Ive played a lot with the cities.. they fulfilled their purpose, but they didn't look much interesting.. they were kinda barehanded, so I decided Ill change this and I think the result is very cool (understand - much more eye candy), Ive spread a lot of garbage through the map.. it just fits the Red zone devastated land idea.. makes the map along with the cities and ports feel like its one completed piece..rather then several separated locations, which you could notice in the first version, Ive did some texturing as well, made a new mini map and changed the post effects.. (more about post effects in the Chapter V : tech. specs)

Port City Scramble - 2 player skirmish/multi-player map - red zone, east Vs. west S.Pos. - 1 EMP in the middle, 4 cities, 2 ports in the corners - players start with 1 green field, can expand to 1 blue field - 2 tib. spikes in each port, 1 tib. spike in the bigger cities and 1 tib. silo in the smaller cities

Tournament Red Zone My first and only remake of EAs maps.. and its for Tiberium Wars ?My first remake of Tournament Arena had the same tiberium field layout like tournament arena, but it didn't have nothing more in common with the TA.. Ive putted two small cities in my first remake, but they were only taking place and slowing down action (in the YZ2, which was based on this layout Ive managed to make the map wider, so cities aren't in the way of moving units).This remake has a lot more in common with EAs TA.. Ive used the, how I call it, „picnic park“ theme of the original TA and instead of making redzone on the map layout,Ive decided it will be much more interesting to keep the picnic park, take it, adjust the textures, move some objects, change the post effects and put it all in a red zone theme map ?I must say, that I really like what I got from this! If you like online play, like TA, you can give this map a try ?

Tournament Red Zone

- 2 player skirmish/multi-player map - red zone, east Vs. west S.Pos. - players start with 1 green field, can expand to 1 green field and 1 blue field - the map layout is the same like in Eas Tournament Arena, with the exeption of two tiberium spikes/instead of one per upper/lower part of the map

DownTown BZ2 In this map pack most maps have some kind of a city/urban location to fight in.. I know that many ppl like urban battles.. luckily for them I like them as well, that's why I wanted to make a very specialized map for urban wars.Simply - a must do!Originally I was planning to do an 8-player map, but the map came out too big and had too many objects.. so the game was lagy.Ive simply over-detailed the map and so I decided to cut it into quarters and - what you can see here the Downtown BZ2 is the result - it is the down left quarter from the original eight player, so you can imagine how big that map was.. Anyways the 2player version came out quite nicely with a decent level of detail and the map medium size I can say it plays very nicely, there are plenty buildings for garrison, enough tiberium and many tech. buildings to capture as well.

DownTown BZ2

- 2 player skirmish/multi-player map - devastated blue zone, the whole map is a big city - players start with a small green tiberium field and capturing the tib. spikes, then they can make an expansion, expanding to the upper green field offers a better start for expanding to the blue filed, but expanding south has its own benefits - more tech. buildings

DownTown BZ4 And so Ive managed to put four players to a urban map ! After finishing the Downtown BZ2 I was disappointed that a map, that I mend to be for 8 players ended up as a map for only two players.. not saying the map itself would be bad.. i like it, but I wanted to make this kind of map for more then two players and so - in JUST TWO DAYS - Ive made this map. It keeps the destroyed blue zone look, post effects and the urban look..I was looking after the object count to make it a decent and no-lags map.. I had no problems playing it.. so I hope you'll like it.. Ive wanted to hand in the map-pack after finishing this map.. so I didn't have much time to look for some bug/texture errors, so I may make an update for this map sooner or later, if needed.

Downtown BZ4

- 4 player skirmish/multi-player map - devastated blue zone, the whole map is a big city - players start with a medium green tiberium field and can capture some tech buildings straight from start, these are very important in late game.. they can expand to green fields and then concentrate on the map centre, that holds a large blue field.

Yellow Zone YZ2 I was remaking Tournament Red Zone.. and somewhere along the way Ive decided that Ill do it in a completely different way (the result is just above this1), but at that time, Ive already finished redoing a big part of the original map . and felt sorry to leave it, so.. Ive finished it and changed it from a RZ to a Yellow Zone. Yellow Zone YZ2 is a two player map.. the map kept the tib. field layout like in Tournament Arena, but the map is much bigger with more tiberium.. Ive made a completely New cities.. (compared with the ones from the old TRZ..these really rock, I think..), but I didn't have time to make them mirrored.. so there are two same cities in this map..Sorry for this.. but.. time wasn't on my side ? anyways.. it doesn't effect the game play And you will hardly even notice.. soo.. ? I was a bit worrying, if the game wont lag with so many objects at one place.. but on my system I had no problems, so I guess you'll be okay ?

Yellow Zone YZ2 - 2 player skirmish/multi-player map - yellow zone, east Vs. west S.Pos. - 1 EMP in the middle, 2 cities, 2 oil refineries in the corners - players start with 1 green field, can expand to 1 green field and then they will be forced to decide which blue field is closer - 2 tib. spikes per city, 1 tib. spike is also in each oil refinery

Yellow Zone YZ4

Ehem.. after Ive finished the YZ2, I had an idea to place a city, which I now knew how to make them look good and mostly, how to get them set up and rotate tiberium fields and player starting locations around it..This map is based on YZ2.. as the name says.. but it gave me much bigger idea for the future (DownTown)..This map itself I think has sufficient lvl of detail, good post effects, the terrain is usually „wawed“ by small hills.. simply I think its a decent map, Ive learned how to use the copy terrain while I was making it, so it was done quite quick.The problem was, that both maps (ive made the version for four players after the map for two was done) were made from red zone maps and I had to turn it to yellow.. so I had a lot of work with textures and the result looks.. well, I know that original EA yellow looks better, but these wont hurt, i hope, so Im quite happy with the result ?

Yellow Zone YZ4 - 4 player skirmish/multi-player map - yellow zone, east/south Vs. west/north S.Pos. - 1 big city in the middle of the map - players start with 1 green field, can expand to 1 green field and then they can go for a blue field expansion - 4 tib. spikes in the centre of the big city, 2 more tib. spikes are located in each corner of the map

Nod Factory Showdown Note - this map was originally called Battle at Nods Base 2.1 when It was released, but since Ive decided to make a new map based on the old Battle at Nod Base (is not included in this map pack) this one is called Nod Factory Showdown , just to make things clear.. Now one major mistake Ive made in the first release of this was, that I made the map simply too small, with its amount of tib. the map soon got overfilled with units and the build locations for both players were also too small, but the placement of building and items seemed quite good, so Ive decided, that Ill make the map bigger for about 35% over the original, so now there's a sufficient space to move units, build buildings etc.. due to the fact, that Ive re sized the map I had a lot of texture work on it, once again, Ive made completely new cities, added few details in the Nod Base, adjusted the tiberium amount, gave it new foliage, made a new mini map and changed the post effects.

Nod Factory Showdown

- 2 player skirmish/multi-player map - red zone, east Vs. west S.Pos. - 1 EMP in the middle of the Nod Base, 2 cities in the corners - players start with 1 green field, can expand to 1 green field located in a city or to blue fields in the middle of the map - 2 tib. spikes are located north/south of the player SP in an old Nod power plant station

Nod Factory Showdown RZ4

I think it took me.. two months or so to get the entire map pack ready for release, not that I would work 24/7 on it.. more like 3/2 a week.. that's why it took those two months.. and that's quite a long time period.. and the thing is the more maps Ive done the more things Ive decided to change later on.. Imagine having done half of the work and knowing u made one map, that's too much ahead of others.. that's why I had to return back and redo all.. this was annoying, allways asking myself, why I haven't done this in the first place..This map had the same problem like its two player twin - there was not sufficient build space, The map was too small.. and I had to remake the cities, the Nod base.. and so I rather made a completely new map.. rather then attempt to edit the old version.I moved the starting positions into the map corners as.. this setting seems much friendlier to players I think.. I was working on this map after Ive finished the Sarayevo yellow zone and so I had a clear image, how the new Nod base should look like (its like a mini version from the Sarajevo ?).Then I added new cities, post effects.. the tiberium field placement is very easy on this map, basicly just two per player, so you will have to catch the tiberium spikes to have enough tib on your way..

Nod Factory Showdown RZ4

- 4 player skirmish/multi-player map - red zone, east/south Vs. west/north S.Pos. - 1 EMP with 4 tib. spikes in the middle of the Nod Base, 2tib. spikes for each player near his S.Position, 4 cities with a blue tib. field each - players start with 1 green field, can expand to 1 blue field in the cities

Two Towers

Oh yeah, I remember how well was this map accepted ? , originally I hoped that I wont even have to touch it, that Ill just put it in and wont have to work on it.. but then there were so many things I started to dislike about it, that I rather made a new map.. (Its always easier to start with a new map, rather then try to edit an old map..) I had several reasons for this.. but one of the main reasons was, that I have some bigger or smaller base/city anyways.. usually near the corner xD so I wanted to tryout a different approach this time, add some choke points and give it a real red zone feel with light rays.I also got inspired by EAs SP map for GDI mission „the tower“.. put it all together and you'll get this map ?. Few months ago I could say that Two Towers is the best map I capable to make and now I'm feel happy to announce, that this new release is even better then the last one and once again shows the best of what Im capable to create with World builder x)

Two Towers

- 6 player skirmish/multi-player map - red zone, S.east Vs. N.west S.Pos. - 1 EMP, 2 tib. spikes in the middle of the map, 2 cities in the corners - players have access to 2 green fields, can expand/base crawl to 1 blue field, then they can expand to one large green field in the corner of the map, near the base area, some team play is requested here, as the players share the starting tib fields, each S.Pos has some advantages and disadvantages.. players are pushed to work as a team - around both the giant scrin towers are small/medium sized Scrin bases, that each offers a reward of capturable buildings and 2 tib. spikes

Sarajevo YZ8

Well.. OK..Ive lied to you.. Ive made two remakes of EAs maps.. after the Tournament Arena, this one is based on the map from the GDI campaign from the single player game.. I hope I wont go to jail for this..First of all, I must say, that the person, who made this map did a really great job! ? (although.. I had to do some texture corrections.. ehem ?) Anyways.. what I did was, that I took the original map from the SP GDI campaign. And rotated it clockwise.. then I adjusted everything on the map to fit the MP/Skirmishneeds.. the problem is, however, that I don't know how to remove imported script definitions.. so at this map GdI doesnt have the radar scan ability and Nod is missing its radio jam missile.. This map is enormously big.. so its nothing for low-end pcs - I tell you this in advance and honestly.. this is up to you, how will you set your graphics.. Ill make a note about this in Chapter V Besides this, I think, that this map is one of the best in this map pack.. As it became a (good/bad?) habit for my maps - the center of the map is again very important place.The four tiberium fields located in the middle of the GIANT Nod base could win the entire game.. on the other hand.. a single Scrin MS shot will destroy everything you've hardly conquered.And its not easy to control the whole area due to the map size.. Some players From one team will have to attack it sooner or later, but then.. not all can concentrate on the base, because they must protect their own base.. there's a lot of tib. on the map to fuel the battle for some ammount of time, but due to the fact, that you simply cannot turtle and win on this map.. altho you have enought tib. for turtle around your SPos... theres noway how you could defeat your opponent like this on this map, next thing to take care about is - the unit movemenet.. it takes quite a long time for them to move from one end to the other.. and if u send your Firehawks on a bombing mission to the base at the opposite edge of the map screen.. it will take them VERY long time.. when I was testting the map I had a certain „trained“ feeling to know, when I can send my Bombers on a new mission, knowing, when will they probably drop their bombs, when will they return and when will they be reloaded with a new payload for a new run. But here.. you can send them to your oopponents base and literally forget about them.. This goes for both Nod and Scrin.. Sure.. Scrin has a little advantage, that once its bigger ships get to the enemy base they can deal a big deal of damamge without the need to reload.. but still, if u send them so far away.. you cannot expect them to help you, if youll suddenly need them elsewhere.. all aircraft are much more usefull to use as a direct ground unit support.. but, thats just my oppinion.. Anyways, in general this map requires a little bit different tactics then usual size ones..

Sarajevo YZ8

- 8 player skirmish/multi-player map - yellow zone, east/south Vs. west/north starting player locations (two players in each corner, they have sufficient build space) - 2tiberium spikes are always located near each player base area, then there are 12 more spikes inside the Nod base - players start with 1 big green field (they share it), can base crawl to a blue field near the base area and they can expand to a green field, then its up to them, when will they try to race up through the nod base and capture the 4 blue tiberium fields, that are located in its centre, controlling these could win the game - every building in the nod base is capturable.. and there are lots of them..

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