River Valley 5 Player

River Vally is another map brought to you by Santa1. The first version of this map was average, this time around it's more detailed and has...


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River Vally is another map brought to you by Santa1. The first version of this map was average, this time around it's more detailed and has many custom triggers.

Detail- On the old River Vally, detail was pretty bad, this time it has been upgraded. It has more textures than three, but some of the ground textures don't nessicarly fit with each other. There is random tiberium crystals embedded into the mountain, which gives any extra feel of the map. There is also an island in the middle which has ion storms above the blue tiberian patches. The storms are great, but it makes it very hard to get money with ion storms attack you.

Game Play- There are many custom triggers in this map and there is also a big GDI base in the map as well. The base is surround by sonic turrets and have very valuable buildings inside the base. Since the GDI base has no AA, a player can go in there with a bunch of air units and completely take over the whole thing very easily...too easily for that amount of power the player receives. Convoys go around the map and you can capture them if you kill the two mammoth tanks surrounding them.

With a huge GDI base and hijackable convoys, this map is very busy, if you like a different style of game play then go ahead and give this one a shot, it won't hurt.

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Download 'gi_river_valley_betafix.rar' (1.67MB)

Welcome to the readme for River Valley! A map for Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars!

1.Unzip to folder C/Documents and Settings/(Your Folder)/Application Data/ Command and conquer 3 TW/ maps

To be used with Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars.

Information about map.

Name: GI River Valley
Max Players: 5
Symmetrical: No
Zone: Yellow
Tiberium Growth Rate: 4/5 (Dont complain. I used to have it at 1/2... That was not good times. 4/6 means green grows at 4 and blue at 5)
Max Tiberium Range: 5000
Country: Australia
Version: Beta .5
Story: Located outside of a blue zone in a river valley this battlefield exists. The tiberium here grows quicker then those in outside zones and this interests GDI, Nod, and visitors. The tiberium seems to have dug deep underground and drills cant seem to penetrate it. Threat levels are as follows. GDI: High Nod: High Visitor: High
There also seems to be a little mini red zone on the island. Two fields are growing there and ion storms seem to be drifting out of here. If GDI retrieves this zone they can stop the ion storms ravaging the city of Sydney below and ravaging the animals to each direction. Nod wants to use this area as a staging area and a research facility.The Visitor's
reasons are unknown
Features: Hijackable Convoys, Special Script, Timers
Planned to be implemented: Rocket Gantrys, More varying routes for convoys, Fixing Dam effects, Hovercrafts, Better AI, Fixing Missing. 

Feel free to spread the map to others but give me credit! Do not sell this map for profit or anything close to a profit.

For bugs and questions please contact Darkrei9n@Hotmail.com

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