Sarajevo Red Zone

This map is so unique it might be hard to describe it! This map is like Unfair Advantage but instead of 1 vs 2, it's 2 vs 3. The two players...


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This map is so unique it might be hard to describe it! This map is like Unfair Advantage but instead of 1 vs 2, it's 2 vs 3. The two players that get the advantage get control of a network of base defences and walls spanning from their bases; the two players also get blue tiberium close to their base.

The map has pretty incredible detail. First off, to set the mood of a red zone, the whole map is tinted a shade of green. Then, the water is also green and the water flows from tiberium. The map is littered with tiberium and spikes. But the player can't just go up and take the spikes, that would be too easy. In this map units surround the spikes and the only way to capture it is to kill the units. There is many neutral hostile units in the map, and sometimes you have to fight them to get something or go somewhere. In the bottom left corner there is a rift generator and a Nod construction yard you can capture, only if you fight the units around it. There are many flanks and choke points in the map as well.

Sarajevo Red Zone is a unique map that throws different aspects of game play into CnC 3. Anyone that wants something different or just wants to do a 2 vs 3 should get this map. The only bad thing about the map is that sometime the cliffs climb up so high that you can't see the units behind it, but other than that, this map is a keeper.

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Download 'sarajevoredzone.rar' (891KB)

Sarajevo Red Zone - map for C&C3: Tiberium Wars

Territory - Red Zone
Players - 2รต3
Size of the map - middle (normal)
The map based on a map from the game`s campaign 

Sarajevo Red Zone is a detailed map for 5 players. It is a buatiful remake of famous map from GDI and Nod campaigns. At this map, I decided to create the map after the Ion Cannon shot when the Blood of Gods was detonated. And now Sarajevo on the covered by Red zone and, accordingly, everything changed: terrain, climate and many other things. the map have neutral units which defending deserted bases (hint: check perimeters of the base and you will find highly explosive barrels. Be careful - one single shot and everything will detonate!)

Map included 5 players: 2 - defenders and 3 - offensive players

Instalation: Copy map files to C:\Documents and Settings\<your Windows profile>\Application Data\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Maps\...

The archive consist from the map, sreenshots and mini-map (JPG)

With the best regards, Scrin Mastermind

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