1.64 Updates: GDI & NOD Silos generate $100 every 5 minutes, with a cap of 5 silos per-player. GDI & NOD Engineers with a repair drone tha...


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1.64 Updates: GDI & NOD Silos generate $100 every 5 minutes, with a cap of 5 silos per-player. GDI & NOD Engineers with a repair drone that repairs both units & structures. Bombers, and the Scrin's Carrier highly resilient against gun fire (GDI AABattery excluded.) Factory repair drones have larger repair radius. Players can build off the build Radius of Allied Cranes. Generalized weapon tuning and balancing to both GDI & NOD. All Soldier classes buffed, durability improved, weapon damage increased. All Commando classes can be squished like any other infantry class. Enhanced impact/particle effects. 22 multi-player colors.

Scrin Stormcolums can no longer attack aircraft. Scrin Battleships health, price, weapons all reworked. Scrin Stasischamber heals all infantry class units. Scrin Corrupter heals vehicles, buzzers, masterminds, and assimilators. Scrin Corrupter no longer heals aircraft, or other corrupter's. Scrin Devourer tank's Tiberium infusion weapon bug fixed. Scrin Mastermind abilities fine tuned. Scrin Buzzers durability improved. Scrin Explorer no longer has repair drones. Scrin Explorer stealths nearby units, (Land & Air) but not structures.

GDI Grenadier bug/exploit corrected. GDI Orca Air strike buffed.

Nod Beam Cannon buffed, weapon range increased, durability improved. Nod Fanatics Buffed, durability improved. Nod Emissary has 2 repair drones. Nod Avatar equipped with FlameTank & Beamcannon weapons when constructed. Nod Beamcannon's weapon "stutter" bug corrected.

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Base defenses for all factions have been beefed up to better deter and defend. Weapon ranges, and damage done by base defenses have been enhanced significantly. Power consumption rates and prices have been changed as well to balance out the destructive power.

Anti-personnel, anti-vehicle and anti-air base defenses for all races are comparable to each other in both range and damage per second. What ever side you play on, be assured that your base defenses are perfectly capable in no lesser or greater way then the other factions are.

GDI's Watchtower, NOD's Shredder and the SCRIN’s Buzzers excel at taking town soldiers of any kind. Do not underestimate their value against infantry. These anti-infantry structures can be built from cranes.

GDI's Guardian Cannon, NOD’s Laser Turret, and the SCRIN’s Photon Cannon take care of light vehicles very well, but may fail against larger units. These anti-light vehicle structures can be built from cranes. (Note that the Guardian cannon now receives the rail gun upgrades along with your tanks and is not at its best until this upgrade is purchased.)

Anti-Air Defenses for all races have dramatically increased attack ranges and weapon damage. Disallowing strategies that rely solely on air forces in mass. Regardless of what side you’re on, “almost” no air force conceivable can successful attack a “well” defended base.

GDI's Sonic Shockwave, NOD's Obelisk and the SCRIN’s Storm Colum have significantly improved ranges and damage rates. These high cost base defense suck tons of juice to compensate for their devastating destructive power. Due to their potency, these beasts can only be built by the construction yard. (Note that GDI’s sonic shockwave no longer does collateral damage to allied structures or units when firing, and the Storm Colum is an Anti-Ground only)

SCRIN have dedicated base defenses, Hives for soldiers, Photons for vehicles, Missile Batteries for aircraft and StormTowers for anything land based.

Build space circumferences for core buildings in your base have been increased, for others they have been added.

Players can build off both allied Construction Yards and Cranes.

Communications centers, or “Radar” facilities now 'endow' you with the mini-map radar. You no longer just have it from the beginning.

NOD and GDI refineries can only hold only a little bit of Tiberium, necessitating the use of Silos. Compensating for the reduced capacity of refineries, silos hold 20X times as much Tiberium as they use to. Further encouraging the Use of Silos, each Silo generates $100 every 5 minutes, with a maximum of 5 Silos per player.

The Intro movie have been disabled so the game now loads quicker.

All Harvesters turn slower then before and possess much less health then before. They now present a serious liability to the player.

GDI’s Armory, NOD’s Secret Shrine, and the SCRIN’s Stassis Chamber provide medical facilities to infantry units. Just order your damaged infantry inside them, and they will appear momentarily, fully healed.

Crates contain a variety of light vehicles from every side, along with some other interesting things.

The distinctive heads up display or (HUD) for each race, has been removed, and replaced with transparent graphics. You will see more of the battle field with this redundant clutter out of the way.

Across the board almost everything consumes a little bit more power then before, but it also depends on what the building is. This power dependency is the heart of Tactix. I’ve placed the burden of power on buildings I thought should have had it, and lessened it for others that didn’t seem to need that much. Example: Refineries, you would think that processing raw ore into something would require loads of power right? On the other hand, say you have a single turret, does it really need as much power as a communications center? This "power requirement, based on purpose" applies to all buildings for every side.

There are cap rates on cranes and construction yards. You can not build more then two of each. Though you may be able to get around this by capturing more.

AI has been tweaked to increase the speed at which the AI builds. (The only successful AI alteration I could manage.)

Veteran levels can change the tides of any battle. As every unit attains veteran status, the enhancements are very much greater. From stage one, on up to heroic, experience levels increase damage multipliers, health multipliers, and firing rate multipliers for all levels. Self healing is still limited to heroics only. Beware of heroic units, they will do significant damage.

Both Player and AI guard range modifiers have been decreased to limit the chance of baiting units into isolation for an ambush. Luring units into danger is not as easy as it was.

Frame rate limiter has been removed.

Unit Occlusion (Seeing units as their faction color behind buildings or other obstructions) has been disabled. Players can now effectively use terrain and structures to hide units from one another. You’ve been given a real reason to rotate your camera now.

Players start with several soldier class units.

Walls are available for ALL races and have increased health, and decreased costs.

New Skirmish colors, with less pastels. Total colors: 22

Sight and shroud clearing ranges for many units and buildings have been altered depending on class and purpose. For example Orcas are elevated above ground so it stands that they should see further then others, right? A tripod or avatar is also more elevated then other units, so you see how it goes. The exception to this is that scouts still have high sight ranges.

Details likes grenade trails/tracers, and other such gimmicky effects have been removed. (Why would grenades leave tracers?)

Radar Facilities once built give you a dramatic shroud clearing range around your base so place them strategically.

Tech centers, such as the Space Linkup, Signal Transmitter, and Tiberium Liquidation Facility increase your shroud clearing radius by double the extent that radar facilities do. Place them strategically. These tech structures also endow you with one defensive, offensive or economic upgrade.

Moderate to significant price changes have been made for balancing issues. Outside of that, prices and build times for most items remain nearly original.

NOD’s turret hub system has been enhanced by allowing turrets to be built slightly further away from the central hubs in a “tiered fashion”. With Sam hubs having the largest placement area from the hub, and shredders the lowest. The central hubs for all of the NOD defenses take up a smaller build footprint as well, allowing you to put them closer together. (Not good for bombing runs, but nice for confined areas.)

Weapon and Armor tweaks across the entire scope have been made to make the game ‘feel’ more genuine. Overall weapons are being refined for both a more realistic effect and to bring CNC3 back to the roots of it’s predecessors. You will find that everything is deadlier, but still has a counter.

Small Arms weapons have had their tracers removed. You will not see tracers from solider classes unless they are specialized or upgraded.

Tanks no longer rotate their entire body while tracking and firing upon enemy units. They have turrets for a reason. They now stay parked as you left them when used in conjunction with the hold stance option and their turret will do all the work. Leaving their front-end pointed where you wanted it.

Super weapon structures are eliminated, and none existent. There are no nukes, ion cannons, or rifts anymore. If you play on custom maps that have these structures, you’ll find that the devastating super weapons (Nuke, Ion, Rift) have all had “ranges” put on them, disallowing their use from range.

Semi-super weapons made available through com-centers, armories, tech centers, airbases, hangers ect, ect for all races, have been almost completely eliminated. There are almost no purchasable “attack/support systems” of any kind. With that said, each race does gets two, and only two types of special abilities and these are all geared towards intelligence gathering and or defense. Radar revealing, jamming, tiberium seeding, shielding. ect.

Expansion units for all sides have specialized characteristics. For the GDI, it’s stealth detection, for the NOD, repair drones, and for the SCRIN, stealthing nearby friendly units (Land & Air) but not structures.

Build times for some units have been increased from moderately to significantly to compensate for modifications or enhancements. Deadly heavy vehicles can not be spammed as fast as before.

Factory repair drones have larger repair radius of effect.

SCRIN soldier classes now have better ranged weapons.

NOD's Avatar comes equipped with the Flametank and Beamcannon weapons when purchased. For stealth detection and stealthing you must commandeer.

Engineers now come with one repair drone each and are significantly stronger. Their repair drones can heal both structures and units.

GDI’s Juggernaught now fires tracer-less projectiles that have proper impact graphics and sounds.

Soldiers can no longer de-cloak planes.

Aircraft can no longer de-cloak ground units (Except the Orca with the sensor upgrade).

Firehawks no longer have strato upgrades.

Overall cloak detection ranges for everything have been dropped down. Making stealthy units significant factors in gameplay.

Commando units for all sides remain cloaked at all times, except when firing their primary weapons or abilities. The SCRIN Mastermind however, remains permanently stealthy at all times even when firing it’s abilities. Commando classes can also be crushed like any other infantry unit.

Snipers come in pairs, no more spotters. They also remain stealthy when using bombardment. They only de-stealth when firing their primary weapon.

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