This is a mod for the PC version of Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, patched to 1.09.

Mod Summary

The primary aim of this mod i...

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File Description

This is a mod for the PC version of Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, patched to 1.09.

Mod Summary

The primary aim of this mod is to get away from the current gameplay which for the most part involves spamming tanks. We are introducing gameplay that requires, scouting and using a variety of units to be successful. Tanks are not the do-all units anymore, instead you need artillery units to take out defenses, tanks to take out artillery units, air units to take out the tanks, and AA units to take out air units. It's basically bringing Rock-Paper-Scissors to the game which we believe makes it more challenging and interesting.

We're also making the factions' abilities exclusive. By that we mean only Nod use mines (so no APC mine drops) and they are also the only ones that use cloaking technology. GDI now have the exclusive use of EMP abilities, and Scrin receive more benefits from their interaction with tiberium. We think this better defines the play styles of the factions so that you aren't just playing each faction more or less the same way. We also wanted to incorporate all the popular features that the community wanted to see in a mod. Things like cloaked disruption towers, radar linked to command posts, avatar upgrades, wall building etc. Then we added a whole lot more fun stuff.

The lines between each faction seemed a little blurred and play styles didn’t vary much from one to another so we have addressed that as well. So if you’re someone who likes spamming tanks and that’s about it as far as tactics go, you’re gonna hate this mod! But if you’re looking for more strategy and depth in the game you’re in luck!

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     by Desecrator and HawK

Mod Objectives

1 Encourage tactical gameplay

- We increased the hit points of all structures, but especially defenses
- We increased the damage inflicted by, and rate of fire of defenses.
- We introduced upgradeable defenses
- Tanks are now more role specific by removing their ability to target air units.
- We brought more of a rock-paper-scissors balance to the game: you need artillery units to take out defenses, tanks to take out artillery units, air units to take out the tanks, and AA units to take out air units.
- We removed a lot of stealth detection in the game and re-assigned stealth detection to more suitable units.

2 Make the factions more diverse and remove crossover abilities that exist in the standard game.

- Nod are now the only faction who use mines or stealth.
- Nod stealth abilities are more effective (cloaked disruption towers, less stealth detection throughout)
- GDI are now the only faction who use EMP
- GDI are better at repairing now with engineer’s repair drones, mammoth repair drones and more effective battlebases.
- Scrin can now effectively repair and heal in tiberium.
- Scrin have more portal abilities and overall are a quicker.

3 Add new elements to the game that make it even more fun, without unbalancing it.

- We have made special powers free.  You paid for and built the buildings that unlocked special powers and then waited for the abilities to charge up so why do you have to then pay again?  Not any longer!  
- Offensive powers like orca strikes and vapor bombs do considerably more damage.  Now they can actually destroy normal buildings, and when synchronised with an ally’s attack can destroy stronger structures such as superweapons and conyards.
- Many special weapons can now fire blind.  So now you can fire a superweapon anywhere and take that risk of whether the units and buildings you expect to be there are still there.
- The game now starts with a black shroud so you can’t pinpoint a location and send units to a tiberium field for example.  Instead you need to explore and scout.
- There are many other items that are included as well that are listed below.

Faction Close Ups;

- Strengths;  
- They are without doubt the strongest ground force.
- A well rounded faction that aren’t seriously lacking in any area.
- They can garrison their own buildings
- Weaknesses:  
- They are the slowest faction so they can get caught out of position.
- Features;
- Have no mines but instead rely on EMP spikes to disable vehicles.
- Mammoths have repair drones
- GDI are the only faction that can garrison their own buildings.
- Orcas have chainguns and reload missiles in flight without the need to return to the airfield except for repairs.
- Firehawks carry both AA missiles and AG missiles. The AA missiles auto reload but the AG missiles are only reloadable at the airfield.
- Battlebases are much stronger now and receive the railgun upgrade when it's researched.
- GDI can build a HAZMAT Disposal Facility. It provides money like a tiberium spike and acts as a silo.
- GDI Harvesters can now call for an airlift (this requires you to call the Ox transport as normal, then you have to tell the harvester to get in it)
- Rigs can call for an airlift
- Airlifts are free.
- APC's now deploy an EMP spike instead of mines.
- Engineers can repair vehicles and structures 

- Very strong defensively with mines and stealth.  
- Lots of suicide attack options can cripple an enemy ahead of a main attack.  
- With more stealthed units nod are more capable of surprising an enemy.
- They have huge power requirements to maintain stealth.  
- They have no repair abilities once they leave their bases.
- Stealth is only available to NoD (GDI snipers use camouflage which isn't stealth)
- Stealth tanks can drop mines
- Various buildings and defenses can deploy mines around their perimeters.
- Beam cannons are stealthed
- Engineers are stealthed when not moving.
- Nod bikes and scorpion tanks can self destruct. 
- Disruption towers are stealthed but require a lot more power.
- Avatars can upgrade without having to commandeer.
- Scorpion dozer blades can allow scorpions to damage / crush smaller vehicles.
- Nod can build a decoy temple of nod
- Tiberium seed provides more seed (plus there's no cost to use it).
- New unit: Liquid Tiberium Truck.
- Confessors now use sniper rifles.  These have 75% of the range and damage of the GDI snipers.

- They have the most powerful air units in game which can quickly travel in a straight line to an enemy base and decimate it.  
- They can repair in tiberium.  
- Portal technology allows them to move around the map quicker than any other faction, and the actual speed on the ground makes them the quickest faction which helps them react to situations and also evade if necessary.
- They have less power requirements than other factions
- They have better tiberium storage capabilities than other factions
- Their buildings slowly self repair
  Weaknesses;  T
- Their ground units are weaker one to one than other factions overall. 
- They are probably the weakest when it comes to detecting stealth.
- All ground units heal/repair in tiberium
- Scrin aren't good at detecting stealth. Stealth detection is removed from PAC's.
- PAC's and Devastators are matched in speed.
- New defense: Mind control crystal.
- Scrin buildings are the only ones that auto repair due to their organic nature, but these structures are weaker overall than other factions..
- Scrin uses less power due to their advanced organic structures.
- Tripods can now charge their weapons with tiberium infusion.
- Conyards (drone ships) by default have an ion storm.
- New special power: Ion storm
- Buzzers can couple with harvesters
- Seeker and devourer tanks receive shield upgrade as well.
- Storm columns no longer target air units 
- Disintegrators explode when run over 



We have included some of our custom made maps with the mod.  These maps will appear in your map list with “[=T=]” in front of each one.  Visit our website for more information about these and other maps (www.TALONClan.com) 

- Talooine
- Octalon Tiberium 
- Square Dance 
- MegaPort One 
- BridgeFort H 
- Downtown Disaster 
- Canyon Climax 



To our wives, girlfriends and pets for understanding our gaming needs.
Overmind @ http://overmind.ro/ 
Golan & Stygs @ thundermods.net 
NutZ @ talonclan.com for the installer and testing
Mini_Tach, Jolly Rancher, Lancer and Raging Redneck @ talonclan.com for testing

A lot of people helped with this mod and we are very grateful for everything they have done.  If we have forgotten anyone or forgotten to mention a specific task undertaken, please forgive us and know that every bit of help is truly appreciated.  


There will be future releases of this mod so we would appreciate any feedback you may have.  Please direct this to our forum at www.TALONClan.com

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